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  1. heyy well i use physicians formula illuminating foundation then on top i brush on some summer eclipse bronzing and shimmery face powder..it has like a star in the middle it works soo good...good luck!
  2. heyy guys has ne1 ever tried physicians formula illuminating foundation and physicians forumla summer eclipse(bronzing and shimmery face powder)???
  3. hey guys what kind of make-up wud you recomend for black heads and redness..my skin has no bumps anywhere its relle smooth but i just need to cover up these black heads and the few red spots i have that are gettin better day by day now..any sugestions???
  4. thankz a lot..i thought it was close to my skin tone but i think your right i put on too much..but i did find the everfresh relle hard to get off my face it irritated it a little bit..i think im going to take your advice and try out the L'oreal airwear..THANKZ and this time try it on first..yaa that shud work
  5. i just went out and got everfresh liquid foundation + the powder..and wen i put it on it made my face look like a ghost!! i took a picure and my face looked sooo white its not even funny..the color i used was called natural beige and the color looks pretty dark in the tube but not on my face!! what shud i do????!?!?
  6. thankz..whats the powder called?
  7. i guessin only gurls can help me with this..im wondering what u guys wud recomend using as a liquid make-up for my face..or powder if you think that works better..im up for any sugestions just tell me what kind of brand you use or any other tips..i have pretty tan skin so i wud need a darker base..thankzz!
  8. ohh yaa oops my mistake thanks for the responses guys
  9. yaa i used that for about 2 weeks maybe and it made my face worse but everybody is different so you never know what will or wont work for you
  10. hey ive been using minocycline for about a week now..is anyone else using this or used this i was just wondering how it worked out for you. thankz
  11. it took me literally less then a week to see a change..dont worry everyone is different..just have faith and keep on it..it should work. GOOD LUCK