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  1. i use BP at 5% that made my skin reddish for a while til i got used to it
  2. the hot girls asked me to go with them (probably so some 21 year old boyfriend wouldnt get jealous) and I had pretty baddish acne then, how things have changed since then my acne has got alot better and now I probably look alot better than they do. Luckily the canvas is clearing.
  3. Why..soo serious?

  4. some people do it without knowing, some do it knowing.......not so great
  5. depends, I got a job at a time when i thought my skin wasnt great so I guess its just down to wheter they like you or not really. Lady who interviewed me was very pretty too, although i can see many employers will not be so kind, just gotta keep trying + you gotta be in it to win it best of luck
  6. nice to hear your making progress.. Love the Crue t-shirt :]
  7. I read your blog/diary, Im the guardian angel of your blog
  8. but your still gonna be thinking about not thinking about acne which will stress you. It wont work......many have tried and failed
  9. this sounds like a sneaky way to impress the girlys.......
  10. i guess it depends on the person, sometimes it works but sometimes the sweat can make your skin worse. I would only recomend light exercise