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  1. I buy mine from Platinum Skincare: http://www.platinumskincare.com Good quality and fast delivery. Have been using their products for about a year or so. Good luck!!
  2. Yes, I have done these peels several times. To achieve a deeper peel, prep your skin with either rubbing alcohol or a 30% glycolic peel, prior to applying the Jessner. You can get the 30% glycolic online only (not available over the counter). I buy mine from http://www.platinumskincare.com. Here is what I do: -Wash face with regular cleanser -Pat dry -Apply 30% glycolic with gauze pad. After 1-3 minutes (depending on how much it burns!), rinse off with WATER only. -Pat dry -Apply
  3. Tea Tree Oil...you can buy face washes, lotions, as well as just the regular oil, which you can add to anything you want.
  4. Ray Liotta (sp?) definitely has some major scars, but no active acne that I can see. Must have had it once upon a time, though. Leonardo DiCaprio has battled it on and off. Cameron Diaz has admitted to having acne rosacea. Supermodel Stephanie Seymour has struggled over the years with large whiteheads and papules. Uma Thurman usually has 2-3 cysts at any given time, and sometimes a few whiteheads around her mouth. She also has some noticable scars (probably from previous cysts). Britney S
  5. Some Derms do, some don't. Those that do will require you to have a pap smear in their office.
  6. Ortho Lo HAS definitely helped some women, so greenenvy, you will hopefully fall in that category! Please update us on your progress. Just keep in mind things can get worse before they get better (not sure how severe your acne is now). Just ride it out and see how it goes. If you can get through one month with no initial breakout, you are mostly out of the woods. If it is going to help your acne, you should begin to notice big improvements within 3 months and than bigger improvements up to