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  1. Haha thank you, and it just sucks trying to make it 3 days later, one new pimple. Face is SOOOOOO dry, I now have to carry lotion on me at all times along with chapstick. They are both my new cell phone and wallet. Side Effects...Dry Dry Dry (Not really a side effect, but it still is annoying) No mental alterations, no soreness, no sleepless nights, and no IB!
  2. 3 days later from my last post i mise well tell you guys how its going... GREAT! Face is clearing up nicely, I do get new pimples now, but they are on my chest and shoulders, and its not too bad one or two every 3rd night or so. The clearing has left my skin a faint tint of red, but I am a Latino/Italian mutt so im sure you whities out there will get it more noticeably, seems to be fading quite well, so lotion up. Skin is softer also because of the lotion I have to put on it (Olay sensitive ski
  3. JBHK- I am very happy to hear of your success. I wish that when people had a good story they would post them, so it wouldn't seem so bad, but they have moved on to better things....I can't blame them.
  4. Sheefa, Im sorry your side effects were so bad. But lets not forget you KNEW ALL of them before you SIGNED away. So don't make it seem like all this is just coming to the surface. Chemo has so many side effects its a wonder that people do it. But you know why they do it? Because they are willing to take the chance. You WERE willing, so there is absolutly NO reason why you should be accusing anybody but yourself. That goes for everybody too, if you don't study and get an F, don't blame your
  5. Lol thank you guys so much for the support and concern. I will be just fine, like I said, I get blood work done every 3 days and my Dad is the one who reviews them. My professors are also very intelligent Doctors also that I can ask. For all of you concerned about me, please look into the mirror. I am surrounded by medical professionals, who care about me more then a patient, and I hope to be one some day. You are not, so please watch your health also!
  6. Yes I understand you completely and no worries I took nothing to offense lol, but I will have to disagree with your comment about a derm. I am currently enrolled at the University of Michigan for pre-med and I can tell you that it is by far one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It takes so much work to get to that point of being able to call yourself a doctor that no one just "does it". Most Derms aren't bad, its just you didnt get the results that you wanted too. With literally h
  7. Anyways, I have tried over the counter with little success, but like I said somedays Id have BAD flare ups but for the rest of the month or so id have good skin, and I always dealt with it because my acne went away in a week with like 4-5 left and they weren't too noticeable. Now, couple years in college I want to get rid of this. To answer your question on how I got it so fast, and why I got it is that my Dad's a doctor, and his golf partner on Tuesdays is a Dermatologist. Since I was little
  8. Hey guys, I was reading around these forms when I was looking at if I could drink or not on Accutane. Well, Sotret. So I have had very oily skin since middle school and now im 20, I decided to do something about it. I never had it bad enough for my dad to prescribe me anything but then I had a flare up, and I told him to get me some Accutane. With a quick call to the Derm, I had the Accutane before noon. Its been 4 days (Halloween) and all I have to say is....It's great. I've had one or tw