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  1. im currently taking 1 gram a day lol if i had to take 20 tablets a day, this would cost me an absaloute fortune im also feeling some muscle pains - dont know if this is down to the b5 or not
  2. Does anyone have any expirience or know what would be a good dosage of vitiman B5 to take on a daily basis in grams Thanks Joe
  3. isnt loads of vitamin b5 dangerous how much in terms of grams is it adviasble to take per day?
  4. thanks i didnt know what type of acne i had, it isnt just a couple of whiteheads i didnt know, thats why i asked in my post what type i had people like that, before, just make you feel worse about yourself
  5. can i order these products over the internet do i have to become a member ive heard if you have too much vitamin A, your skin can turn orange im really greatful for your input
  6. thanks guys thanks for the advice, i will do some research into those remodies which vitamin is beta corazone i think my acne was the cause of me suffering anxiety also does anyone know where i can get them products from (in the UK)
  7. does anyone know what type of acne this is (severe?) anyone have any recommendations for me thanks Joe
  8. Hi there, Im new, my name is Joe and im from the UK, im 18 been suffering from acne for around 2 years now i dont know what causes it - i eat really well and drink loads of water i take vitiman C + zinc, clean and clear exfoliate at night and erythromycin antibiotics Its come to the point where i cant look in the mirror as i get too depressed can anyone recommend anything and say what type of acne i have? thanks