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  1. So I believe that Candida could be a very explanation reason for my problem. What is the best way to clear candida? I am blood type A, and I have read that it can be quite hard for A's to clear candida. Does anybody have any helpful input? I would like to start a candida diet, and take herbs to kill this awful fungus.
  2. Hey there, It sounds like you may have something of a Candida infection. The symptoms you speak of are very related. Maybe check it out. I hope that helps you.
  3. No, that's not a failure- the goal is to know that you're dreaming, you're one step above most. I had like 7 lucid dreams last night crazy. One of them I flew to Greece and walked across the ocean. Haha, pretty awesome.
  4. fortunately, i dont have much scarring. i have a few (like 3-4) red marks on one cheek that have been there for like over 18 months (no doubt the use of topicals contributed to that). Im not sure if they have changed. I have given up on them anyway. Imagine if they healed? That would be interesting Yeah that is what I would like to find out. By following paleo diet, having omega 3 fish every day I have clear skin, I am just waiting to see if it will effect scars, my skin tone has already impr
  5. Wow, you all have got my back. Thanks for all of the info from all of you. I am going to start shoving the cilantro today, and I think i do the paleo diet for the most part. As for doing nothing for the skin, I think I will also try that, lately I've just been using vitamin E, and sea salt water. When doing nothing, does this mean doing nothing? Not even washing the face?
  6. Yeah, shoots...... It seems pretty scary, but I was becoming lucid pretty regularly for a while there. As I was I kind of shut acne out of my mind, as if it didn't exist- that was probably the most flawless my skin has been in a long time. I don't know, possibly a coincidence- but maybe not.....
  7. Yeah, I've hit the essential fatty's for while now. I use to get in through flax, but now through straight up cod. It kind of doesn't show a lot of difference, though I'm sure it's good for me. What's this oil cleansing method you're doing?
  8. Has anybody ever tried lucid dreaming to heal their acne? I'm reading a book on becoming more lucid. It seems to me that if we were able to completely clear our acne in our dreams, we could easily clear it in the waking life just by mental power. Anyway, if anybody has anything to say about it, I'd like to hear it.
  9. climbear


    Don't get lost in heaven
  10. Ah, I don't know about that man. Seems like the prescriptions just lead to other problems later on.
  11. Hello all, I am a 20 year old male. I have tried like everything out there it seems like- from completely harmful unnatural ways(minocyline, doxy, benza clin, differin) to all natural organic products(vitamin e, tea tree oil, many vitamins, herbs, lemonade diet, blood type diet, vegan ism, no dairy, no meat, no wheat, no corn, no citrus etc........ Anyway, I am just hoping that somebody has any ideas as to what to look at next. I know there is an answer out there, and I plan to find it. If a