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  1. Has anyone gotten clear with a topical with no change in diet? or a small change
  2. ok sorry to say but doing nothing method sucks.some of my friends do it and a couple have severe acne.comedones dont just go away they camp out in the skin you dont outgrow them in alot of cases.
  3. i have heard paulas choice 2% bha liquid or gel and also green creeam
  4. so im in a tough situation im 14 my acne is mild mostly comedonal no big spots and i found out that sa is best to combat comedones and i want to buy paulas choice 2%bha liquid or gel which is better? nut i cant because i dont have paypal or credit card im only 14 my parents wont buy it but i have suficient money so i was wondering if i could send the money to an adult here on the board and after the money is recieved the product could be ordered for me and shipped.i know some of you will think i
  5. ok thanks also is microwabable oatmeal good? the maple and brown sugar one from quaker
  6. haha yea so i guess ill stop having the 10 rolls but what should i eat instead? also some healthy snacks? cuz i get real hungry
  7. ok so im wondering if my current die is a low Gi diet (glycemic index) i plan to eat tuna(chunk ligth) i add lemon to it and eat it with dinner rolls (the little bread things) ill say i eat about 10 a day. i will drink soy milk 1.5 cups daily and the only other drink being water.apple occasionally. thats all also im wondering if anyone could recommend some healthy snacks? also i supplement with zinc,vitamin d and e, b vitamins, flaxseed oil and omega 3 any other recommendations to help my
  8. i have been using lemon juice its pretty good and stings like hell but it just doesnt clear me up just stop new breakouts
  9. what can i do for my forehead nd how bad is it?
  10. hey guys i bougth a multivatmin and will post the info nd am wondering if it will be good or bad for my acne? Supplement Facts Serving Size 2 TABLETS Servings Per Container 45 Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Vitamin A (As 50% Beta Carotene, 50% Acetate) 5000 IU 100% Vitamin C (As Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Ascorbate) 300 Mg 500% Vitamin D (As Cholecaciferol) 200 IU 50% VITAMIN E (ALPHA TOCOPHEROL ACETATE) 100 IU 333% VITAMIN K (PHYTONADIONE) 80 Mcg 100% Thiamin (As Th