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  1. The redness is common, but moisturizing may help it. I used to get flakes under my nostrils before I started moisturizing there. Also, since isotretinoin makes your skin more sensitive, I'd avoid hot water, scrubbing, and aggressive cleansers. How's the treatment going? I've been mosturizing and it does seem to help.. I only have flakes on my chin.. which is barely noticeable so I'm not too worried about that! Treatment is going pretty good! I'm really happy! How's yours? Update Day 67
  2. Hey!!! Im 48 days on 20mg Accutane per day and Iv experienced the reddness too. But thankfully its not constant. Its usually whenever I wash my face and especially when I wash off my sunscreen.
  3. Update Day 47 - Still no cystic acne(YAY!) and I haven't really gotten the small ones for the past couple of days either. So things are going really well apart from the fact that my skin is reddish around the nose and chin. But i guess this is normal while taking accutane? My skin and lips are still dry but not as dry as they were on week 2 and 3. And i don't think iv noticed any other side effects.
  4. Nah, that's not a low dose at all compared to some. Some people are on 10 mg a week. Others on 5mg/day, others on 10 mg every other day, etc. 20 mg a day is lower than usual but it's not that low. Ohh really? Thanks for letting me know.. I was under the impression my dosage was low.. and because of that I have a higher chance of relapsing.
  5. I was on 30mg a day for a month and now my doc has asked me to take 20mg for the next 5 months. I guess i must be on a really really low dosage.
  6. It's going well for me. Today is day 36, and I've had several good days in a row. My initial breakout occured in weeks 3 and 4, so hopefully the worst is over! That's great! Is your skin still dry? What is your dosage? Still no cystic acne.. which makes me soo happy! But I still continue to get the smaller ones.
  7. Update Day 34 - Went to the derm today. My blood work was all ok.. but my Vitamin D levels were pretty low. He reduced my Accutane dosage to 20mg per day and told me that this dosage will mostly continue till the end of my course which will be in another 5 months unless and until my acne flares up really badly. As I said before apart from a couple of pimples my face is mostly clear... no cystic acne at all. And my skin is pretty reddish. Iv noticed that my skin is not as dry as it was a fe
  8. Ok guys! Just found this thread! Now I'm definitly starting this... I'm on Accutane and not picking would greatly help me out! So here we go.. DAY 1 today! Good luck everyone!
  9. Really? For me the Nivea Med Protection with SPF 15 (this one comes in a white casing so Im not sure if its the same one you're taking about) is the only thing that works! I tried the dark blue Nivea but I still prefer the med protection. So I guess its just basically trial and error!
  10. Hey! Iv just finished 4 weeks on Accutane. My skin has been dry from when I started.. but i noticed that in the past couple of days my dryness has reduced considerably.. I don't know if i should be happy or sad about it.. Im getting a little anxious that because my skin is not dry the drug is not working anymore! Has anyone experienced this?
  11. Hey! Thanks! Best of luck to you too! How's your progress? I dont get Cerave products locally where I live.. so ill probably have to order it online. Thanks for the suggestion
  12. Hi! Thanks! My skin is a little better now.. but week 2 and 3 were the worst for me... in terms of dryness and acne. But now its kinda settled down I guess. The dryness is still there.. but my acne is slowly clearing up. I started getting the side effects only from week 2.. you are still in the early stages.. when the medicine really kicks in... just hang in there! Things will definitly get worse before they get better.. There was this one point where my nose was just covered completely in bla
  13. Hello everyone! Iv always been more of a lurker than a poster on here. But I've decided to maintain a log since I recently started Accutane. A little background info.. I'm female, 24 (turning 25 soon) and I weigh about 56kgs. Iv been put on 30mg of Sotret (which is a generic form of Accutane). Iv had moderate to severe acne for as long as I rememeber. It didn't start off being bad.. it was usually just a few zits on my face. But it only got worse with time. I guess iv been to about 4 diff