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  1. Hey, well with muscles like that who needs clear skin! but your face looks great, Can I ask I am on 40mg a day and on day 100, and my skin is alot wort than when I started, I started with whiteheads that our now cysts I have forehead that was with one or two pimples now full of big red cysts. My main problem area was my mouth that has alot less whiteheads but a few masive ones still, And that area is just totaly red. Do you think it will start get any better. Im 17 and on 40mg a day. Do you use
  2. Well I am on day 100 of accutane 40mg a day. My overal outcome so far is that it worst than what it started. My main acne around my has cleared up with bumps but still got a few big ones, but the redness around there is so bad. My cheeks never had a pimple on them before now they have 3 cyst on each cheek. My forehead had like 2 - 3 pimples, now it coverd in cysts and huge whiteheads. I havnt been putting anything on my face at all. Should I start using some face wash in the shower??
  3. Glad to here your acne free! Can I ask how long you were on it, or if your still on it for and how many mg a day. Ive been on it for 85 days now and all round my face has gone worse.
  4. Hey, well I wasnt aware that in the 4-5month it starts getting really clear, I really hope it does because right now its like wore than I started. Also I was wondering where abouts is your main acne and you should post some pics
  5. Hey, I'll just like to say goodluck to you. Im also kinda in the same situation as you. I am 17 and on day 85 of acctune. I started off at 20mg a day now Im on 40mg a day. My acne was just around my mouth and on my chin. Also abit on my back. But now I have it really bad on my forehead . Also my cheeks never had a pimple now they got 2 - 3 cysts on each cheek. And im still getting pimples/white heads around my mouth and thats 85 days of this so yea im hoping it gets better but so far its gotten
  6. Hey hows it going? It's good to see your happy and your face is getting clear from your last log. I hope you had a good birthday.
  7. Its good to see things are looking decent, You should upload some progress of your acne,
  8. I really dont know why I told her its over, I really regret it, but maybe if I get clear in the next few months ill try talk to her again but it will probly be too late.
  9. I think its really good how you can just tell this girl about your acne and medication and stuff, Ive had this girl I've been seeing for around 6months and the other day I just told her its over and told her not to talk to me ever again. She told me she really likes me and stuff but I dont see how anyone can like someone with a mouthful of redness and bumps and a forehead that just broken out like crazy and got scabs. Im glad your happy and keep postive dont give up on her.
  10. Heyy, Im pretty much going through the same as you, but Im 17 years old and weigh about 65kilos and I think thats about 145 stones. Im also on 10mg a day and Ive been on it for 24 days now. The acne I get was orginaly just all around mouth and now Ive got it bad on my forehead and back. But so far my forehead has just broken out like crazy my mouth area is really really red with more red bumps than white heads now. I wish you luck and hope you get clear, keep updating too.
  11. Hey I was wondering. I am on week 3 and abit on my acctune 10mg a day. My problem area is alot less white heads but a few red bumps but just the area is really red, and more face is really red, did you get this problem? and btw what happend to the girl? you with her or did you give up?
  12. It wont make a differnce if they got acne or not just aslong as you dont wear bulk makeup that just looks ugly
  13. I would prefer people to stare than say "wtf happend to your face" Ive recently started acctune and my face has gone so bad and the comments keep rolling.
  14. Catching a train in the morning is the worse beause it is so packed with people