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  1. Are there any natural remedies to remove or treat an open hole on chin? It is from a cyst I had injected with steroid over 15 years ago. I assume the sac is still in there. Has anyone had a sac removed so many years later ? MAybe this topic already came up.Can someone direct me to the thread?
  2. I have already had one revison with so so results on my scar wich looks like a really deep smokers line but really is a injury scar. Anyway now my surgeon says he will use a pickle fork to try to release some of the bands from underneath the scar to help this scar. Anyone know what a pickle fork is or what the real sugical name for this tool is? Anyoneknow anything about this?
  3. I believe that the younger you are whentyou have the fat removed the more stem cells inside the fat and the more viable. One area that has alot of stem cells is the innerknee fat. I only had one transfer when Iwas 23 and all of it lasted.(too much actually) I also think the stem cells last forever and are turned on at trauma and then after that work at the rate of ageing slowly repleneshing normally dyeing cells,with a progressive effect.
  4. should I let the facialist do microdermabrasion over the needled area? It is still red, hurry my appt is in 3 hours. Thanks
  5. BRD did you ever find out what might help me to reduce fat grafting?
  6. BRD Thanks for your response.I look foward to hearing any further suggestions. Does it make sense generally speaking that the grafts would slowly grow over time,not related to weight gain? you can PM me:)
  7. BRD, I have been trying to talk to you many times. Please can you offer me any advice? I was overfilled with fat graft taken from my innerknee to my lips at age 23. All the fat seemed to take. My lip is too big,and bulky the fat nodules are peppered all throughout the lip region including under my nose. I have had several attempts at cutting some of these nodules out..some were removed and some may have grown back?? Do you think the constant trauma of trying to cut them out is causing a reactio
  8. there is a doctor in Beverly Hills injecting stem cells (Renato Calabria) there is an article on his website about it. I would post the link but I dont know how.http://www.drcalabriamedia.com/assets/print_media/Article_March_09_.pdf
  9. my dent is 98% gone at two month mark..yeah! I only had one saline flush.
  10. I read that a womans menstrual blood has stem cells in it,dont know where I am going wiht this but it is interesting.Google it.
  11. Hi I came across this, BRD what do you think about the last sentence? Menstrual Stem Cells in PLoS Medicine MenSCs offer a non-controversial and renewable stem cell source that can be collected non-invasively from what is conventionally regarded as biological waste. Cryo-Cell discovered and identified the benefits of stem cells harvested from menstrual blood described in a study published in the April 2008Cell Transplantation demonstrating that MenSCs have the capability to differentiate into