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  1. sowet, I'm sorry I haven't been on here in awhile to update my progress. Here's how things are now. My lips still get chapped and scale over every 2 days. My face gets slightly flaky if you rub it with a dry washcloth or something. I've noticed that when I rub the portion of my neck with a dark shirt or fabric a white, powdery residue comes off on it (dead skin). My weight is up around 145 lbs. now, but that could be due to the fact that it's Winter time where I live and I'm less active and
  2. How long did/does it take before you see a difference in your skin. I've read anywhere from 2-6 weeks
    removes dead skin for the most part. burns, irritates, inflames, & dries out skin. it also caused some breakouts. there are way better products out there than this one.
  3. o.k. so observation. last week i ate about a cup of whole natural almonds on 2 back-to-back days. the result? oily forehead and small breakout in my mid-forehead region. perhaps something in the almonds overloaded my liver leading to the breakout?
  4. Stewie is bomb :) haha gud times watching family guy!

    nice to meet u :)

  5. no i dont really get oily skin anywhere except some very minor oiliness in the middle of my forehead sometimes (stressful days, really greasy food) you're prolly right about the paranoia thing. it might not be hypervitaminosis a. i have been researching the possibility of a mineral imbalance though. i took appx. 65 mg of Zinc daily for appx. 16 months so that may have messed me up somehow. all i know is that this flakiness didn't exist until around i started throwing back vitamins left and
  6. From my personal experience, yes, it does leave a weird film. However, it does a great job for dry skin (except it made my face feel glue...so if I went to touch it, it would be sticky). Vaseline works the same, plus it's only made of petroleum jelly, so theres no bunch of other chemicals...I use it on my dry spots or as a deep hydrating-type of moisture if my skin IS really dry. What I do is first, I rub a small amount over my face. Then, I let that sit for awhile. I let it sit anywhere from
  7. well i guess you could say i've been doing the caveman regimen for about 14 months now, so according to the posters over there i should be well beyond the "dead skin phase". it doesn't itch at all and its not oily so its not seb derm. can't go to the derm b/c 1)no insurance & 2)im a full-time student with a job working during derm office hours. could you provide a link to the temperature of water for me? also there are other things that make me think its an internal issue. like for o
  8. man, you sound exactly like me. trying to stay a moderate distance away from people while talking face-to-face and suchall in fear of your face getting rubbed revealing dead skin and whatnot. i agree its tough to deal with. i too only wash my face with lukewarm water, but i do so using a washcloth wiping away any excess dead skin each night. perhaps our problem is using just water? i mean maybe it dries our skin out or something who knows. if you look through my profile you'll find a threa
  9. i've read on various sites that alcohol rapidly decreases the bodies' stores of vitamin a....soo in theory that should help the healing process. however, i also read that alcohol can make the symptoms even worse, so i really don't know what to believe. i do continue to not drink alcohol in the meantime to be on the cautious side.
  10. whole grains contain a chemical called phytic acid which blocks the absorption of zinc. people with acne are often deficient in zinc. i say whole grains are o.k. in moderation, but dont overdo it.
  11. also yowasup, do you think supplementing with zinc (retinol binding proteins) would dramatically speed up the healing process of accutane side effects?
  12. yowasup, where on the internet did you find info regarding accutane promoting rapidly dividing cell death? Because I tend to agree with you. Although I didn't take Accutane per say, I take a heavy dose of natural vitamin a (retinol) in fish oil form for a long time and over a year later still struggling with dry lips and flakey skin.
  13. I'm sorry to here that dude. While I don't think my health condition is as serious as your's might be, I too am dissapointed in my lack of progress in the past year. I would've thought by now that my skin and body would be back to normal, but its not. I hope to hear back from you with an update if you ever see this message. Good luck to you.