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  1. 64th day Its been two exact weeks since i last updated and about two official months on the regimen First off Happy New years! :] I havent been updatin cuz i been busy with the holidays and all that i have a confession that i have been fully commited these past two weeks to the regimen theres times where i would skip mornin or night i would expect a breakout but actually i havent brokeout at all!!! two weeks with no breakout no zit no nothin my face is clear just my old acne marks but i have
  2. 50th Day Ahh i spoke too soooooon lol but just a little pimple on my temple (weird i dont get pimples there anymore) but besides that face is continuin to improve. the AHA still stings which is good and the cleanser and BP is also good of course the ballin problem i had with the AHA seem to stop it hasnt happen these past days so yeaaaaaa i have been noticin that i be gettin more acne on my chest and back and i never had problems with that just recently its startin to bother me :[ is it pos
  3. 12/15/08 47th day I didnt want to say it becuz i didnt want to jinx it but ima say it its been a week that i havent brokeout at all! :] i usually get at least 1 zit but so far i havent brokeout i order Dan's Cleanser,treatment and AHA and i got them about 4 days ago and the cleanser is perfect it doesnt dry me :] the treatment is of course the best! and the AHA stings which is a good sign my only little little problem with the AHA is that it balls up a little when i apply it to my face i app
  4. hmm your right man i am going to start a new cleanser so i must let my skin adjust to this and wait a little more until im completely clear im not that clear i still experience breakouts but not that bad its about 80 percent clear on cheeks , chin and temples forehead is 100000 percent clear :] I thought Dan said you can start usin AHA when you reach that 4-6 week mark on the regimen? its my 6th week on this
  5. ha i guess noone wants to reply to my questions its cool though since i didnt have nomore cleanser i just remember that i still had that sample cleanser that i bought from the acne.org BP so i tried it and i like it its foamy and didnt dry out my skin to my suprise so i bought Dans cleanser and Dans BP and Dans AHA its my first time using AHA any advise?
  6. 12/7/08 i think its the 39th day on the regimen can i get some feedback on Dan's cleanser? because i officially ran out of Purpose Liquid Cleanser and i think that could be a reason why i still have dry and flakey skin so im considerin Dan's cleanser OR Cetaphil Gentle cleanser Im also gettin a little low on the BP so ima buy one soon and my jojoba oil is runnin low also so ima get a new one also im considerin buyin AHA its about 1 month and 2 weeks. Should i start usin AHA also??? as for an
  7. Thanks i heard some good and bad stuff about the cetaphil but ill give it a shot yea 2 pumps is alot it takes longer also ima continue to do 2 pumps tho for another week cuz i just started doin 2 pumps last week
  8. So apparently i brokeout with 2 more pimples and one zit and im also runnin out of cleanser any recommendations on a good cleanser?? something not as dryin but effective also i used to have purpose liquid cleanser but it runs out too fast
  9. No my face never got red maybe becuz im a darker skin color. im latino
  10. Sup its been a while since i last updated today is 11/30/08 its actually 31 days that i been on the regimen im using 2 full pumps of bp overall my face is still lookin nice i still have my breakouts that i thought wouldnt happen anymore because i been on this for a month yesterday i brokeout the worst out of this whole time on the regimen dont get the wrong idea that is was bad but this time i didnt breakout zits but more pimples and even a cystic pimple i have 2-3 pimples on my chin and a
  11. 11/25/08 My official first month on the regimen and so far so good :] my face is continuing to improve. it looks clearer and clearer overall i still have my one two zits breakouts or like one pimple breakout every once in a while but they go away quik in 2 days In general my face is really improvin since day 1.wooo theres a big difference Startin tonight im going to do full 2 pumps its about time i should i HOWEVER have one problem when i wash my face or get out the shower my face dries up
  12. Hey guys i havent said anythin about this but i have noticed this for the past weeks everytime i get out the shower or wash my face my skin becomes dry after around a minute or two my skin becomes dry and sometimes flaky lately even my throat has been dry any solution?? jojoba oil before cleanser after cleanser or what ?
  13. Sorakidd! Sounds like your acne isnt that bad. If you say 85 percent clear then your not that bad at all i can relate to you because i wont forget the days Before i had acne. i admit i was a good lookin guy and im saying this with confidence.Not conceited or anythin. Then when acne came i really felt embarrassed and shy.And i wasnt social as much.i had no confidence at all. and my acne was just mild moderate.a couple pimples here and there. a couple zits here and there but the cysts were always
  14. 11.23.08 it is almost my fourth week on the regimen and comparing this to my first day is a big improvement im still shocked that dans regimen is so simple yet effective i literally tried alot of stuff and it flaked my skin so bad,made me breakout more,blah blah this is real life i cant beleive this is actually workin im not completely clear but im on the road of becomin clear its almost my 1st month on this and yea i say it again i see an improvement im just lettin people know if you guys a
  15. the jojoba oil does leave the skin lookin oily but what i do to take the shinyness off i just get a little piece of toilet paper and just pat it on my face so it can look normal i was wondering the same thing but im actually seein an improvement on the flakiness i been usin jojoba oil for almost 2 weeks and the flakiness is almost gone. so i dont think we will have to keep usin jojoba oil for 2-3 months Hope u keep seein improvement :]