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  1. i don't think it's the salicylic acid that makes you more red but the formulation of the product that you were using. i love the aspirin mask. i use it two to three times a week. it helps a LOT with fading redmarks and reduce the size of active pimples because it's anti-inflammatory.
  2. I'm clearing up nicely with my routine..it's just that my teenage hormones gives me new breakouts pretty often. So I have to constantly treat them. I'm currently on Retin-A Micro and using Vitamin C serum and Jojoba Oil in the mornings. I also use the Aspirin Mask every couple of days.
  3. I suggest you get Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Acne Defense Lotion..it's one of the best drugstore product I've ever used. It doesn't have any BP in it and it exfoliates your skin, which is beneficial.
  4. I suggest you stop using the kit, or at least the acne exfoliating gel.
  5. wow...that's really bad... i stopped taking my multi-vitamin a while ago because it contains 100% of daily iodine. but i don't feel as healthy.
  6. They're discontinuing the Multi-Vitamin lotion.. the ingredients suck because there's cetyl alcohol, which is drying and irritating. It's going to be replaced by the Rapid Clear Defense Lotion, which i love.
  7. I used the St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Acne Prone skin instead.. I remember being sooooo excited over Botchla's regimen (two summers ago) I immediately went out and bought the products and although it never cleared me up, my face never got really bad..my acne "stabilized". That is, until I tried the Murad Acne Complex...but that's another story. Bottom line: if you have hormonal acne and are a teen, this regimen will most likely not clear you up, but exfoliate the pores and kill some of the bac
  8. Murad was HORRIBLE. I had SUCH big hopes for it and I was sooooo happy when I received it in the mail. If I only knew then how much worse my acne was going to get because of it. UGH. I think the only thing that's bad is the Exfoliating Gel. The lotion, spot treatment, and cleanser are all okay. But the gel...the alcohol in it is what makes everything so bad. If you switch that with the "Moisturizing Acne Treatment Gel" I think the kit would work much better.
  9. If a company is going all out in getting so many fake testimonials and bribing other websites to rave about them, why wouldn't it hire people to go around the net and spamming message boards with fake testimonials? Seriously, shame on you! Go away!
  10. i actually don't hate it..murad is really the devil. it was okay at first, but my skin kind of got used to it and somehow got worse. i had mild acne..so maybe i was just goin deeper into puberty and my face gradually got worse. i say use it. but use it properly... don't 'scrub' with the face wash, and use very little of the lotion. and don't skip the toner either, it really helps! but make sure to use a sunscreen during the day because the toner will make your face more sensitive and prone to
  11. Spammer! Your first post after joining is raving about AcneFree..go away and stop scamming our money!