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  1. Gosh it's been years since I've been on this board (glad I remembered the password) Whenever I have a major breakthrough I come here to share. Here's what I've come to learn about my skin. It is very oily, very sensitive and there are major premstral break outs. I noticed a few changes since changing my diet. A few years back I posted a regimen: Clear at last! that worked fairly well for me. I've maintained it through out the years. Trying to make this long story short....in late 2005 I
  2. Hi Claud, I was wondering which insurance you have. I really need one and cannot afford to pay Oxford $500 a month for it. Thanks a whole lot! Kudos to you
  3. Hi Claud, Wow, your skins looks better and better in each new pic you post. Good for you. You said you are a moisturizer? I see it's not making you break out, would you share which one it is? Thanks
  4. Hey Claud, I've been following this post for months. Damn, you are doing pretty good. Good for you! Congrats on the success!
  5. Every night after cleasing and toning I use Dr. Denese's Firming Facial Pads which contain 8-10% Gylcolic acid then Growth Factor Serum, my skin has never been better...amazing results.
  6. Hi Claud! I think listening to your skin, as you are is very good. If something is itching or is irritating your skin rinsing it off right away is a good choice. Since irritation can cause a breakout. Maybe leaving these products on as directed may be fine or maybe you'll rinse it off before the 30mins, depending on what your skin is telling you. The best to you.
  7. I think during the winter months..one's skin though oily can get a bit dry. So during that time a moisturizer can help. But be sure it is non comedogenic. In the summer you wanna use something lighter like a serum. For those of you that have oily skin year round ..use a serum. Go to Sephora and ask them to give you a sample of one that's for oily/acne skin. Also here's the thing, if there's salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or any other BHA in any of the products you're using you MUST wear
  8. Based on your posts sounds like your skin is only getting better. Wonderful!
  9. Honey, you'll see, before you know it you'll be there!!
  10. I expirienced the same thing last year...only it was Jurlique skincare that did it. How about burt's bee's tomato soap it's working wonders for alot of people. I'm loving it!
  11. igotmyphilosophy... my face is looking great. This is the best my skin has been in a very long time. I've recently added Burt's Bees tomato soap & toner to the regimen. cluejos45 .. sorry to hear that... hope your current regimen is working for you. I'm ready for spring yay!
  12. Hi all, About a week ago I added the (tomato) soap to my regimen and it has really tighten my pores. Started using the toner (tomato) yesterday, wish it was fragrance free.