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  1. there is another thread in a sticky above and it talks about this. believe it or not it might just be sebaceous filaments and completely normal. everyone has them supposedly ... for me personally they became less noticeable and small when i stopped trying to rid them and just accepted them
  2. i get sandpaper skin very often ever since i had a bad reaction to st ives apricot scrub 2 years ago. when ever i feel spins in the shower i keep rubbing at them and scratch at them till they fall off. now is the rubbing and scratching them off too irritating for my skin and causing them to come back?? do i literally just have to ignore them and wash my face as if its not ruff and spine covered?? my skin is about as sensitive as it gets.
  3. ok one week ago i posted this. anyway i ended up getting Olay Facial clensor. oil free, soap free for sensitive skin and i have been patting my face dry for the first time ever. anyway I was scanning my face up close today and inspecting it. I can see the skin getting better. It looks smoother. Not too many big clogged pores and the sandpaper feel has gone away. pores dont seem as clogged and definitely not getting spiny all over. although i am getting many super small little pimples thats
  4. Hey, when i was 17 and in High school i had pretty bad acne myself. I also went on accutane and i never got worse before i got better. I just got better and went 100% away. Yes you get really dry but I had zero pimples and i never got bad acne again. Almost not even any acne period. Im 27 now and my family has bad acne genes but mine never came back. I never had one side effect to the drug. It saved my skin and my life from depression. There was a time in HS were a girl told me i could not sit
  5. Hi, My name is Brian and i am 27. I have OCD and i never had any issues with OCD and skin till this happened..... about a year and a half ago i decided to exfoliate with st ives apricot scrub and i did it every day for a week and rubbed it in tomy skin as hard as i could. I had no clu how i was supposed to use it. My skin was fine before i started it. then out of no one i looked up close at my face and it was covered in micro pimples. the entire face and for the last year and a half
  6. hey guys im sorry for jacking this thred, My computer will not allow me to post a new topic without freezing and then shutting down my internet explorer. anway i have ocd with the skin. I spend many hours staring at my face. i have plucked really bad in the past few months and have some really dark red marks. anyway sometimse when the light hits it a certain way it looks like a crator to me but then i keep looking from all angles in dif light and then they dont look like craters. i cant tell