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  1. i'm pretty new to this site, and to natural skin care. from high school(?) until last march i used st. ives apricot scrub and neutragena liquid makeup. lets just say i've tried several "natural" products. and read a few reviews ... all excellent for KMF but there's only been a few so ... anyone tried this? used it twice so far and i think i like it. here's my reg KMF face wash toner : 1 part ACV / 2 parts water with 1 aspirin (dissolved and then strained) and 4 drops of TTO spot treat with D
  2. I've been using (brewed) green tea leaves from my morning tea as a face wash just for the morning for a couple days because in the winter i get really dry, and using just plain water leaves me feeling icky. this recipe sounds better then what I've been doing. i have some calcium bentonite clay, can i use that? also, would you recommend using this for the morning and night?