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  1. Thank you for all that info I really have to study up on all this stuff cause i have no Idea what I can do. I have no other health conditions that I know of other than the Thyroid. The conditions that run in the family are Thyroid-My grandmother & great grandmother Breast cancer-Grandmother & grandmothers cousin Heart disease Diabetes Here is the kicker- Since I had my first Child 11 years ago I have been suffering with this problem or problems. You know those tests they give the
  2. SweetJade1980 Okay the more I think about this the more desprate I feel lol! As far as Progesterone cream goes do you know if this helps with Thyroid problems? I have had problems for so long and have just been diagnosed. I heard that it can take a long time with meds to get balanced. If you ever do. I am afraid of the breast cancer, Diabetes ect that runs in my family. I really need to get myself straight here. I have noticed so much going on with my body & the acne is not a big thin
  3. Thats some interesting stuff.. My Grandmother also had thyroid Problems, last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer.... She lost her breast. The Doctor said it was the type that runs in Families.
  4. Also Hun as far as your Doctor you need to be firm with him. Let him know that you know there is something wrong with your Body & demand that he find out what it is. That is what he is there for. I did not do this always agreed with the Doctors & never secound guessed theair diagnosis. This is why I suffered so long. Do not let this happen to you. You can find lots of information by doing a search on thyroid problems. You are responsible for your own health. Do some research. You
  5. Your Doctor will take more than 1 test. Or he should. He should test for antibodies & magnesium. I don't know a whole lot about all the testing but I do know there a different ways your thyroid can be effected. And sometimes you can test ok if he is not doing the other tests. So he should do more than just the one test. As far as the Soy goes when I was a teen I use to Nanny for a lady who was a vegaterian. I remember she ate lots of Soy stuff. I remember her being sick & could not
  6. Well if you think you have Hypothyroidism I would say no do not go on accutane without talking to your doctor about your concearns. I do not know if accutane would be safe if you have this illness. There are tests that your Doctor will give you. Also hun I wanted to ad that you sound very depressed. That could be a sign of Hypo but you could just be depressed. I really really think you should go to the Doctor and ask for help. Tell him what you are feeling physically & mentally. He or
  7. To evryone who is worried about Hypothyroidism here is a simple test you can do at home... This will let you know if you should see a doctor or not... There is one simple thing almost anyone can do at home to uncover an underactive thyroid: take your own temperature. The "basal body temperature" test was developed by Broda O. Barnes, M.D., Because thyroid hormone is so vital to cellular metabolism, reduced thyroid function often manifests as a drop in body temperature to below the normal leve
  8. Some of the most common symptoms caused by hypothyroidism include poor concentration, mental confusion, memory disturbances, cold hands and feet, overweight, difficult weight loss, menstrual problems, dry skin, thin hair, and low energy levels. Other symptoms include migraine headaches, hypertension, depression, hypoglycaemia, atherosclerosis, diabetes, infertility, and even acne. In his book, Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness, Dr. Barnes described over 47 symptoms that may be related to p
  9. Hypothyroidism, normally defined as a TSH level elevated above the reference range with usual low T4, probably affects hundreds of thousands of people without ever being diagnosed. Clinical signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism include the following (1,2,3): Low body temperature, Dry skin/hair, Inappropriate weight gain,, Brittle nails, Insomnia and/or narcolepsy, Poor short-term memory and concentration,, Fatigue, Headaches and migraines, Premenstrual syndrome and related problems, Menstrual i
  10. Hi There! Here is a little article I found linking diabetes to hypothyroidism... I'm looking now for acne info & hypothyroidism... April, 2003 -- Researchers from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis have confirmed the linkage between autoimmune thyroid disease and type 1 diabetes, suggesting that diabetes patients should receive regular screening for thyroid dysfunction. In the study, 41% of the female patients developed hypothyroidism, and 19% of the male patie
  11. Thank You Chloe646. I really hope. I feel so sick right now I hope evrything gets better. Thanks for your input.
  12. Yes my doctor told me this is absolutly caused by my hypothyroidism. Cool about the weight, I use to be average weight of 125 before this so maybye I will go back down to that weight after I get evrything straightened up. Did your acne improve after treatment started working?
  13. Yes it is true that more weomen get this than Men but men do get it too. One thing I forgot to mention One of the bigest symtoms I had was hair loss. I was loosing tons of hair. I think men tend to get it as they get older. More weomen are seen with it at a younger age.
  14. Hi! One thing I should address here is that not all people are overweight when they have hypothyroidism. Okay so I'm not super slim but I'm not exactly overweight I am 5'3 a weigh 132. I could stand to lose 5-7 pounds But I have had three children too. Here is the cause in some weomen. When pregnant they can get some kind of antibody which attacks the thyroid it starts out as hyper & after time turns in to hypo. There are many causes for thyroid problems. But this was what caused mine.
  15. Hi evryone! I have read these boards a lot have just never posted. I am 29 years old & suffer with severe acne since the birth of my child among other things. I went to another doctor after being to dozens of other doctors. I was given blood test & diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Acne & skin problems are a sign of this disease. If you are past the teen years & still getting acne & have other signs maybye you should get tests done. Since I have suffered with this for year