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  1. Update! So, I'm pretty pleased how the Regimen is working out for me. Only had two zits pop up this week, and they were my fault in the fact I forgot to do the Regimen at night, (studying for finals= passing out at odd hours at the night.) I'll have to say overall I'm in shock. Besides the tiny breakout I had this morning, my skin is virtually clear. I have a couple of red scars still left over from acne a month ago, which I looked online and believe is hyperpigmentation- so I'm crossing my fi
  2. UPDATE! It's my 2nd week on the Regimen! This week has been ups and downs with my acne, and I'm happy to report I'm finally beginning to see some ups! This week started out with a breakout, which had me a bit nervous, but I read up on the 'what to expect' page, so my fears subsided. Popped the few that had showed up- luckily, only two ended up becoming a scab, the rest easily came out. I have been having some slight skin peeling, but I've really slapped on the lotion, so it's not as bad as I
  3. I had a question, hopefully someone could answer: I was recently purchased the Clinique perfectly Real foundation, as apparently my Clinique Superfit makeup looked too 'orange' on my skin, according to my mother. I'll admit it gives a nicer look over my acne, however I've been seeing a slight increase in breakouts. However, I am also just starting the Regimen, and am into my 2nd week, so my breakouts could be linked to that. I wanted to know if anyone has used this before, and if it caused them
  4. UPDATE: Thanks to the last two posters as well! It's nice to know what I suspected- Tea Tree Oil helps well, but has a diminishing effect over time. I guess I'll just have to take a break from it for a bit and see what happens! Well, I have finally started Dan's Regimen! Hurrah! My box was a bit banged up, but was at home when I arrived. The bottles seemed smaller than I had first thought they were, (I got the starter kit) so if I like the results, I think I will invest in the larger set. Any
  5. Small Update! Well, my Regimen FINALLY came...to my house. I'm currently in the dorms, so I can't use it until next week for the Thanksgiving break. But at LEAST it's somewhere attainable! Status on Zinc/Tea Tree Oil- Well, like most things I use, after a while the magic effect begins to wear off. It's definately helped, but I'm really holding out for the Regimen's lasting effect. Occasional breakouts as usual... my right side of my face refuses to heal. I might go get some scar treatment stu
  6. UPDATE! Well, third week into ordering Dan's Regimen, and it's still not here. A bit disappointing- apparently, UPS shipped it to Florida, halfway across the country! Had to email/talk to several people to find my box.... ugh. I've never had a problem with shipping before, but this is the box that simply won't come! I checked online today, and it's supposedly on its way.. really crossing my fingers on this one. However, good fortune had it that my Zinc and Tea Tree Oil did come! And I've had s
  7. WEEKLY UPDATE! Thanks to those who posted, I really enjoyed reading your replies and helpful tips! I'm still waiting on the Regimen as I type, UPS says they delivered it 3 days ago, however it is nowhere in sight. I think there might have been a mix up- I noticed one of their address numbers were off. Hopefully it's a slight hiccup and I get it in the next day or so. My order of Zinc did come in the mail today, hurray! I have 50mg of Zinc. I've heard everything from it's the miracle cure to it
  8. Wow, just read through your log, and your story is really inspiring! I can't wait for my starter kit to come in the mail now!
  9. Just wanted to stop by and say reading through your entries and your story is so similar to mine! I'm a big face picker as well- I see one little bump, and my mind screams DESTROY! So I definately know where you are at. I'm going to be starting the regimen soon as well, (just as soon as it gets here!) so I hope your story, as well as mine, will have success! Good luck!
  10. Thanks for your post! I'm hoping to be one of those surprised people! Yeah, I've probably seen it all at this point for sure. I'll have to lurk around and check out some topics. D&D fan? can't say I've played the game- the name comes from the DragonRiders of Pern series by Anne McCaffery, which I adore.
  11. Skin Post one: Well, I just took a picture of myself this morning, coverup free after scrubbing my mask off. As you can see, no acne.. just lesions! I'm so sick of this- I pick, I get red marks. I don't pick, I get bumps and redness. So it's just a nasty vicious cycle. Hopefully the Regimen will come and I won't have anything pick at! Here's the pic(k).. I am far too shy to post my full face. (I attached it, so let's see how that works.)
  12. Well, I just hit the 'purchase' button on a starter kit, it should be here to my dorm in 2-5 days, and then I can get started on it. I noticed that this site has logs, and I thought it would be a great idea to try and track and see how my acne will hopefully improve. I remain skeptical after years of failed attempts to clear my acne, but the positive reviews have given me a bit of hope. How about my acne history? (Shortened as best I could version!) I started getting acne in middle school,