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  1. Well, you must realize sometimes that friends aren't always right. And sometimes it's best not to listen too much to them. If you really like the girl for who she is then ask her out. But n your place i would also be hesitant. It could be that you might not even like her deeply, but due to acne and the decrease in your self-esteem you became desperate for anyone to be near and thus was willing to jump into a relationship with anyone who bothered to show you attention. I had done such a mistak
  2. I've had clear skin for almost a month now. Before, I had a rather moderate case. I was used to feeling rough, uneven skin any time I touched my face. Also it was sore most of the time. After this was gone i felt happy, but lately i find myself becoming more and more freaked out by my skin. Being used to feeling pauples and pustules and various other thing whenever i touched my skin i can't seem to be able to register that what i have now also belongs to me. Now when I touch my skin I keep g
  3. In my opinion if you pop a pimple that already has a head and look ready to burst is actually a rather good thing. I mean you remove the pus from the wound and thus help the inflammation go down and the healing to start sooner. But then again, I do have extremely fast regeneration and can't really say if it makes you scar or not. But you should not do this is there is not a head on the pimple, because usually then you just irritate it more than help it.
  4. I was on doxy for about 25 days. Felt results the first evening I took it, actually. Three weeks after I'm done with it my skin is still getting better. Went from uncountable amount of paupules, pustules, lots of redness to no redness, no pustules, no nothing. I think that one month isn't long enough for the bacteria gain an immunity.
  5. I used Doxy as an oral antibiotic and Erythromicynum as a topical antibiotic. One month and my skin looks wonderful, almost absolutely clear (few comedones but that's it, oh and a small pinple on my back). Now I've been off doxy for three weeks and my skin is still getting better. I've read that some people take doxy for months and nothing happens, also a lot of people have acne worse after doxy. I think it really depends on the person. Like I said, one month was enough for me and had amazing
  6. If it's a pimple with a head that I can see i will pop it, because that way it heals faster for me. If it's something underneath my skin I try not to pop it. But sometimes I have thses non-inflammated bumps, that are quite large and just don't go away. You can't see a head, they're not read, but usually a week after they form I squeeze them out. This also helps them heal because otherwise it seems that they harden under the skin and stay there. If i try doing anything before they're hardened t
  7. I'm only 17 but I've been picking my skin since about 13-14 years old. At first i didn't even realize i was doing it. Then I saw that whenever i would look in the mirror i would always pop a pimple or squeeze a blackhead out, then another one and one more... Whenever i would look in the mirror i would be occupied for the next half hour. Sometimes even a full hour! I'm surprised that I don't have scars, though the pores on my nose and damaged. I know it's already late for me to quit this habit
  8. "Rotting corpse" In 8th grade. A boy said that, while behind him was his friend who also had acne (not as bad as mine though). I remember the boy starting to laugh, but when I looked at his friend he didn't even crack a smile or a smirk. His look was a bit apologetic and at the same time I could see that the comment hurt him too. Another one was this autumn. A guy who would usually try and ask me out (around 5-6 years older) during a festival tried to take my photo and i asked him not to. He
  9. Actually other animals do get acne. My cat had it (ironically I'm on the same antibiotics that we used for him) As for the laugh... Ah, very often. Most of the time it was along the lines of "oh gods you're such an ugly b****" or "your depressed just because of a few little bumps? stupid...". Mostly an angry psychotic laugh followed by crawling into my bed, curling up and sobbing.
  10. Well my challenge was asking out a guy that was clearly out of my league (whom I also found attractive for more than2 years) to just go out sometime. And I did that when my acne was at it's worst during my whole life. The outcome of the challenge: damn is he good at kissing... And also HE was the one to ask ME out on a second date.
  11. I'll try to remember all of the psychological stages i had to go through since 12 years old. 1. My friend started getting blackheads while I was still clear. I didn't know what the huge deal was with it. 2. Started getting acne. Sudden realization about the condition of my face. Shock. 3. Started going for facial at the age of 13. Said my acne would go away in few months. Was pretty much in average mood, because i took it as a normal course of puberty and was convinced that it would go away.
  12. So it's been a couple of VERY streesful weeks since I finished the treatment. It went something like this: Up untill day 15 or so I drank one tablet a day, then for 5 days I had them twice a day (I was sick, so that's why the doctor told me to double the dose, not because of acne). And i finished on around December 28th (skipped few days on accident). After that I was told by my derm to tone my face 3 times a day with the Erythromycinum toner instead of one. I didn't. because the past few days
  13. Day 10: My skin is soft. A whole lot nicer to the touch than before i took Doxy. Still a bunch of little slightly red bumps around my temples, red marks on my cheeks from the pustules and pauples I had before and few smal paupules on the left side of my jawline. Had a red pustule on my neck yesterday, but not anymore. I have still 20 days left. I hope by the time I will no longer have ANY pustules or paupules.
  14. It has been 7 days since my visit to the derm and 7 days since I've been using the prescribed medicine. I'm on 100mg Doxycyclinum (Dotur) a day and Erythromycinum (Aknefug-EL) to tone my face. My regimen is: Morning washing face with water applying a little of Aknefug-EL Evening 100mg Doxycyclinum washing face with water and soap (without fragrances or dyes) occasionally a little of jojoba oil with tea tree oil Since that beginning of autumn I've had the most terrible acne I've had in my li
  15. I've tried lots of treatments too and lately I've started to think that it's the treatments that are causing acne in some cases. In my case I had somewhat decent skin in the summer, clogged pores and etc. I went to the derm and got prescribed Differin. Well, used it for a month and now my skin is terrible. Perhaps you no longer have acne as a disease but have all those whiteheads and pimples as a reaction to the various chemicals and treatments? You could try for a month (the skin cell turnove