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  1. Guys, all your answers can be found in *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * ebook. I can briefly explain some of the steps. But it would a great benefit if you can read the ebook for referrence. You need not follow all the steps. There are 5 steps in the acne cure 1) Normalise hormonal production 2) Optimize diet and digestion 3) Cleanse and regenerate your bowels 4) Alkalize your blood and kill candida 5) Cleanse and rebuild your liver
  2. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * made a book for a natural acne cure. It involves a drastic change to your lifestyle which will not only benefit your acne and as well as your overall well being. You can check our this blog which uses *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * to cure his acne. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
  3. Hello, anybody?? Come on, share your views!
  4. Hi, I have read through*Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * ebook but there are lots of stuff. Was wondering if anyone has cleared their acne completely and maintained it. Good to have people to share their experience.
  5. No, this is an acne forum and is ridiculous if you are talking about teeth.
  6. Hi,I do not want to sound offensive nor defending anyone other than my own belief. I feel that the book is really good in providing information with regard to acne but more importantly you must see the big picture of what acne really is. The cure provided in L.K is for the general whole well being and you cannot restricted it to the acne cure alone. However, i do admit the steps are a bit drastic in today's modern society where definition of "real" food has changed and misleading. Today's societ
  7. There is a lot of stuff. I dun have the time and money to do trial and error. I hope anyone who has used his or similar methods to cure their acne can help advice me on the essentials (supplement) of EACH of the 5 steps. Thank you
  8. You don't need 6 months. Depending on your severity of acne, 2 weeks to a month would be a good indicator of the effectiveness of your acne regime.
  9. Hi, read through Leo Kiesen ebook and there are a lot of stuff. Can anyone summarize the main supplementsor food that are needed in each of the 5 steps?
  10. I believe no one should break out regardless of age. Yes, i agree during puberty your hormones are raging and in abundance but i am sure you have friends that have perfect skin throughout puberty and maybe their rest of their life The difference is that our body function slightly difference and how it deals with hormones and toxin. I like to share my 100% clear regime. ( However i still cannot maintain it when i stress out or eat ) I am not allergic to dairy but i find that if i consume food
  11. 1 or 2 is ok. But mine is a drastic change, face gets a bit oily, skin tone changes (a bit red), pores slightly enlarged, skin surface becomes a bit uneven. I don't know man. You may argue that i strictly stick to my diet but i believe if my internal systems are working perfectly, i won't have the negative effects of bad diet. moreover i just a one bad diet. Please advice on my condition. I think is candida. That is the reason i added garlic supplement, i am also drinking pau d'arco (tea-bag f
  12. Hi, 21 male here. i managed to clear my skin with mega acidophilus 6 billion pill(kordel) and multivitamin/ mineral( Natrol my fav multi), Fish oil 1000mg (epa 180mg, dha 120mg) twice daily My diet is quite healthy, vegetables, fruits but very little meat. But i am unable to maintain when i stray from my diet for once!(eating chips or fast food) So added garlic supplement ( allium sativum 6.67mg), combined evening primrose and borage oil 1000mg (GLA 130mg) twice daily, and flaxseed oil 1000mg (