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  1. Try silicone scar patches. They are, according to a doctor friend, safe to use while on accutane, as the silicon just helps soften scar tissue. It is doing great with shrinking some old keloid acne scars, and I started while I was still on my course. You can find them at the drugstore, near bandaids and scar ointment.
  2. I have just finished a 5 month course of accutane today. Female, 31, suffered acne since I was 12, cysts since 14 or 15, and as I got older the surface acne decrease, and the cysts got worse, coming in cycles where I'd have a ton of them, and then some clear time. 3 or 4 years ago, the cysts on my chest began keloid scarring, and that, combined with a horrible breakout a year ago, were the final straws. I did antibiotics as a younger teen, but they caused serious stomach problems and didn't s
  3. You said in your initial post that acne has only been an issue for 4 months. Accutane is a last resort, not a first line of defense. For a majority of people, there are other medicines that work great for acne. For a percentage of people who use accutane, all the side effects and paperwork BS aren't worth it, as it doesn't end up working for them.
  4. I weigh a little less than you, and was on that dose my second month. It caused some really whacked out triglyceride readings, and I'm back down a bit. Sotret is functionally the same as Accutane -- same active ingredients, and supposedly working the same way with body chemistry. I wouldn't be too concerned until you get your blood tests back at the end of the month. The high initial dose may make your IB worse, or so some of the anecdotal evidence of people's stories here indicate.
  5. I'm using The Body Shop's vitamin E line -- the moisture serum topped with the moisturizing cream -- I'm alternating between the regular and the intensive. I have Alba's un-petroleum jelly for lips and really flaky spots, and Alba cleanser. Month 4, and my skin is okay. Do a search. There are a lot of posts on this subject.
  6. No, those sound completely normal to me. I just developed that rash on my hands a few days ago, and it's more annoying than anything. Yo Adrienne is totally right about drying your hands completely -- it makes a huge difference in the rash. I brought a towel to work to use. I've been using a super moisturizing baby lotion on my body, which is working well, and I have Alba's Un-Petroleum jelly and a vitamin E oil for the really dry spots. The un-petroleum and Alba's coconut cream lip balm ar
  7. I don't often get cysts on my back, but I do/did on my chest and sometimes in random other places on my body. Just a one or two at a time, but huge, inflamed, and painful as hell. I am three months into the 'tane course, and I haven't had a cyst since a week or so in. I still get little tiny bumpy whiteheads, but no cysts. And the cysts scar (keloid scarring), so I'm glad to be rid of them. So far, so good, fingers crossed. Hope you have as good of luck.
  8. Go see an eye doctor. He or she can, in under a minute, determine whether your eyes are producing moisture or not, which is important because the treatment for the two causes are different. Eye drops won't help if your eyes aren't moisturizing.
  9. The US Food and Drug Administration closely regulates accutane, especially to women of child-bearing age. Apparently in the early days of accutane use (early 1980s), there was little regulation and a bunch of teenaged patients lied about their sexual activity and got pregnant, so now there are a few billion hoops to jump through. There are lots of derms that don't want to deal with the really annoying logging system, and my initial prescribing derm told me that they have not logged any decreas
  10. I'm 2.5 months into my course. I am extremely tired, but that could be the anemia I've managed to develop. I had no IB, and once I found a good moisurizing routine, I apply morning and night and I'm good. Chapstick/lip covering is probably ever 10-20 minutes, though. So far, so good. My mother visited for the holidays and was amazed at how clear my skin was -- better than it's been since I was 11 (I'm 31 now). Read up, talk to your doctor about your concerns. If your derm doesn't listen,
  11. I bleached, but my skin was uber irritated and I couldn't leave it on as long as I should have, so it didn't work as well. I don't think I'd try it again, but no permanent damage.
  12. I'm scheduled for a 5 month course and am finishing month 2. Yippee. If this doesn't work, I'm stuck. I put off trying 'tane for years, but I had a horrible breakout on my chest about 2 years ago and have keloid scarring because of it. I would like to avoid more of that if at all possible.
  13. I got the bumps right at the top of my cheek bones at about 3 weeks in and then again a few weeks later. I added extra moisturizing, which helped a bit. I've been doing the vaseline in the nostrils, too. Urgh. It only helps a tiny bit.
  14. I'm using the vitamin E line from The Body Shop. I don't really like the face wash, though, as it doesn't remove my makeup very well. The intensive moisture cream is great, though. I am also using an underlayer of aloe vera gel on any over sensitive spots, and about once a week, a coat of straight up oil on super dry areas -- I let the oil (I've been using straight olive, but the derm recommended vitamin E oil) sit for 20 or 30 minutes before I shower. Body wash -- Johnson's and Johnson's ba
  15. I don't know if it's "normal," but that was pretty much my typical horribly bad breakout. Clusters of cysts that would start to subside and then flare again, and again, and again, sometimes for a few months. And then my skin would clear a bit for a month or two, then repeat. Not that that helps you right now, but it isn't just your skin.