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  1. I seem to be getting Red Spots and whieheads on my neck. I have had this a few times and it seems to start going so it is virtually gone then it comes back. Could it be gram negative follicitus? I have read about this but the only antibiotics I am taking are topical clindmycin. Could this be a cause? I have a date at the weekend so anyway of clearing whatever I have up quickly would be an absolute life saver! Hope someone has any feedback. Thanks
  2. Yeah stick in there. 3-4 months for me was the biggest improvement but everyones different. Good luck
  3. Another option is to get a professional facial. I know this is too expensive to get done on a regular basis but they do remove the blackheads for you. You can watch what they do and how they do it and then that would give you a better idea of how you do it yourself. Even ask them to show you while they are doing it. No better way of learning that that is there. Its all about the preparation really though. You could also try http://www.mankind.co.uk/TWINOX-Double-Loo...over-PRODZWAC1/ I know
  4. For the dermalogica range you use it must cost you hundreds QueenB. I would certainly experiment with other things as you can always go back to it. If you find other products that work the same and it saves you a few quid then your onto a winner. Especially with the credit crunch ;p I have tried all the Dermalogica products as I got them for free via a work contract and i did think they were good but not much better than other cheaper products really. If you can just find 1 product to reduce t
  5. The retin A Gel I got on prescription in Uk was by Janssen-Cilag.
  6. Hey can you tell me the online pharmacy you use from India as I would like to order some supplies. How long does it take to arrive and is it cheap? I will let you know the brand of Retin A gel I have. I got this on prescription so will your doctor not let you have it? It wasnt Johnson and Johnson but I really doubt any different brand would make a difference and it would also probably depend on what the chemist stocked as it just says retin A Gel on your prescription so I assume different chemi
  7. Hey just a quickie. Ive have used this for a month and its completely cleared my skin now. I have had clear skin after Accutane for a few years and then it came back a bit. Retin A kept me under control for the next couple years till I started breaking out randomly with a a kind of spotty rash then my doctor gave me erythromycin for this rash. My skin has never been so good. My problem is now my skin is clear my doctor will not give me erythromycin again. I know that I will continue to get s
  8. Hey surfgirl. Your skin seems to have gone the same kind of way my skin has gone now. Before I went on accutane it was different I got red spots and they was individual. My skin was like that but only in certain places and not all over my face. just seemed rough and red in areas like yours. I wish I had taken a picture of my red bumps they were exactly like that but on just my right side of the face. After 3 days it was clear again so that was good for me. erythromycin has cleared my up comp
  9. Interesting. Like with lots of things relating to Acne im never sure whether I am clear or have spots by doing some things or not doing otehrs is directly affected by things as there are so many factors why your skin could be clear or not. I even think stress might play the biggest part in my problem. I havent tried the masturbation thing but it is possible. I suppose at least a month would be the only way to find out for sure as I do find my skin is quite random and is up and down from week
  10. Parki79


    Pet My skin never got that bad around my mouth. What moisturisers are you using? Are you applying lots of product on your lips for during the night to make sure it can take in the moisture? Did you have this so bad during your first course of accutane? Good luck Anabel
  11. Parki79


    Hello there Rai, As stated in my topic I just started Accutane was the best thing I have ever done in my life. No creams or tablets I have ever taken have had a consistant effect like this and it completely cleared my skin at the time. In my own opinion the side affects are worth it. My skin did get worse before it got better. This seems to be common so if it happens to you then dont be disheartened. My first month was the worst then my skin seemed to clear up pretty fast. I used vaseline at
  12. Parki79

    My Skin

    Hi all, Ive just been reading through a lot of the posts in this section as its my first time back to this site in years. Although its good to be back I wish I wouldnt have to ;p I am now 29 and although my skin isnt terrible I would even consider it mild acne now, I am really vain about my skin having suffered from spots since I first became a teen. My main complaints at the moment are my skin is really oily. I havent ever seen a person with such an oily t-zone before. Also I sometimes get