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  1. hey long time friend? Where do i remember you from again?

  2. how do you decide if it didn't work for you?? i have been using it topically (once a day) for a while now and haven't seen a difference at all. a while to me = a month or so.
  3. be yourself! this is first and foremost!!! and don't be too self conscious. he might think you don't have any self confidence and thats a turn off to guys. no talking about ex's and no sex on the first date. he'll think you're too easy. make him work for it. i would say maybe try to put make up on to cover up zits but that would be hiding behind a mask but thats up to you. kudos if you even know how to do makeup cuz all i know is I can't! lol i don't think powder would hurt though.. i don
  4. try once every other day maybe?
  5. Yooouuuu aarrree sooooo beautifulll.....

  6. that does suck! would you say that your opinion about your face has changed since you started doing the laser? i tried the laser... it didn't do much. and when she messed up a couple times she was just like "ooops" and "it will go away in a couple days" .. waste of money for me.
  7. so you do the mask every single night then? also why not exfoliate with the baking soda as well?
  8. i tried this regimen and it didn't do crap for me
  9. are they really bloody or are you British? aloe vera is suppose to help. lemon. skin lightening cream. have you googled this yet by chance?