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  1. I was gonna make a long thread about this and say many more things, but I think that this post sums it up nicely. That's all I have to say here really, and I think the subject matter of this site deserves recognition for this very post, and that's why I'm posting it here anyway. The Game of life is Over. The Journey to the Throne of Hell has just begun.
  2. *takes off hat, looks at shoes* Aww shucks little miss, you're just about to make me blush. Anyway, maybe I didn't exactly mean what I said. My goal isn't to make this world worse for eveyone. My goal is to achieve the things that I want. It's just that the things that I want are quite.....epic, and upon achieving them the world will be hell for most people. See, the things that I am willing to do would label me a monster by today's society. The things that I am capable of are beyond evil
  3. I thought I was quite clear with the hell part. If I could make a difference, in which I have all the faith that I can, I will do everything possible, I will use every last breath in me to make this world a worse place for everyone. That is my purpose, that is my choice. and that thought makes me happy, it's the only reason why I go on.
  4. Soon I will have that opportunity, and let's just say that if you thought the world was already hell, you ain't seen nothing yet. Oh boy, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  5. I wouldn't date anyone, at all. But back when I still wanted that, I would.
  6. Not allowing yourself to feel lower than other people based on your faith is a great thing, but putting other people below you because they may not live by faith is quite egotistic. You shouldn't have to derogate others to feel normal. Well, I'm a very egoistical person then. And you know what ? I like it that way.
  7. beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but then again many beholders have pretty bad taste. There is a difference between New York City and an Eastern European village. There is a difference between the Carribean and a muddy pond. There is a difference between gold and rock. And there is also a difference between good and ugly people. The truth is, those who say that personality is what matters are either saying it because they are trying to make ugly people feel better, or they have prett
  8. Don't play this Game little girl, because you will lose. Everyone always does. oh, and that post is the perfect example of human ignorance. Humans think they are the only beings in the whole wide universe capable of logical thoughts, of feelings, of having the right to exist. That's how the entire human race thinks it justifies the complete destruction for their pleasuere of all other species in the world. Because nothing is better than being human, huh ? Well I'm about to prove that theor
  9. I am a man of faith, and I have all the faith in the world that I have the potential to be above most people, for many different reasons. I don't see how this disease is supposed to be my failiure. I have not chosen it, it is not my weakness, it is the weakness of humanity in general, and since personality wise I am not one of you, it is yet another reason why you are lower.
  10. Yep. That sentence pretty much summarizes everything that has ever been said on this forum.
  11. I don't have that right, but I'm breaking the rules and doing it anyway.
  12. well, you've sure got a lot of fears...the Boogyman's done a number on you.
  13. you know what image is much stupider in society ? The one where it says everyone must be in a relationship, as if it's a good thing, and if you don't you're a failiure and people feel sad for you. It's such a pathetically sad human concept that I have to laugh about it. You go be in your damn relationships, while I go conquer the f'n world. And for the record, no, people who want that aren't in hopeless situations.