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  1. cool, i'll try this after my exams...
  2. so BP really slows down the healing eh ? no wonder my red marks are still quite visible after 1 month+...
  3. I'm on my fifth week now with differin & BP and still having new spots coming out...
  4. Btw, differin is supposed to be applied on the affected areas only or both the affected and non affected areas ?
  5. This is my third week using differin + bp and my acne condition is not getting any better. Or maybe it's still too early to tell the result ?
  6. I'm also on the same combination for 2 weeks+ now, honestly my acne is still the same or maybe just a little better. Dunno whether I should continue with this combination.....
  7. My mom has this RoC Hydra+ Active Vitamins - Contains Vitamins A and E - Formulated to minimise the risk of allergies - Non comedogenic - SPF 15 Can I use this as moisturizer after applying BP ?
  8. Thanks....got really worried cos I never had such a bad breakout before....
  9. it happened to me also....strange.....hahah
  10. Seen a dermatologist a week ago and he prescribed me 2 x 100mg doxycycline PanOxyl 5% BP for the morning Differin for the night some anti-bacterial wash The first 2 days was quite ok, but starting from the 3rd day, the area around the pimples started to turn red. Now it becomes somewhat darker red as you can see from the pic bellow. There is also a slight peeling. Feels that there isn't much improvement compared to a week ago, or maybe worst. The pimples do not seem to be clearing. Read in the