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  1. Hi! I've been using Simple Foaming Cleanser and Simple Light Moisturiser; I've been on Dan's regimen for a couple of weeks or so and find these are working well for me - just about any supermarket has them. I'm also using Panoxyl BP but I just received a bottle of Dan's BP that I ordered to try it out. So far, I'm getting fantastic results - hope you do too!
  2. Just adding to this: I bought Clear For Life last week; great read and I'd buy it again knowing what I know now about the book. A great deal of information about a whole-health approach presented in a calm manner, a great writing style that's easy to read and I'm feeling benefits already; I feel more energised following Seppo's advice and looking forward to the beneficial effects on my skin and my health in general.
  3. Hi anonanon, I'm using Panoxyl too and having good results with Simple Foaming Cleanser and Simple Light Moisturiser, you might want to try those. I did find that overdoing the BP too quickly gave a mild burn sensation when the moisturiser goes on, just cut back a bit and increase the amount gradually.
  4. I think I need to get some strawberries then Just tried: 2 bananas 1 apple Half grapefruit Half mango 2 handfuls frozen kale Pinch of ginger Really tasty!
  5. So far, I'm really impressed and happy. I started the regimen a little over 1 week ago and my skin has been improving day by day. Still some very light bumps and red marks which have faded quite well. Two tiny whiteheads appeared during the past week but disappeared very quickly. I have found my skin is quite dry and can get tight but that's more down to me getting too eager with the BP so I've made sure I don't overdo that too quickly. No burning with the moisturiser, some very faint tingling
  6. Hi Karlos, I'm in the UK and I use Simple Foaming Face Wash, Panoxyl 2.5% BP gel and Simple Light Moisturiser. All quite cheap and available most places - I got all mine in Morrisons.
  7. Hi all, I had my first green smoothie and was pleasantly surprised by just how good it tasted. I've found a few recipes on Google but I'm interested to know what your favourite recipes for these are. My first try was: Quarter of a melon 2 bananas 1 apple (peeled) 2 handfuls of lettuce leaves Also, any preferences on blenders or smoothie makers? I just used the kitchen blender which worked OK once the fruit actually started to get chopped instead of just sitting around the blades. Cheers.
  8. Hiya T Bag, thanks for sharing what you used! I picked up the simple moisterizing cream, today in town and i used it tonight with 3 drops of jojoba oil mixed in and its brilliant! Dans moisterizer would sting and make my face red, so when i put the simple on it glided on and didn even have any stinging sensation, it was definatly dans moisterizer that was hurting my face! ..... so than

  9. When you look in the mirror, left and right are reversed, so we don't see ourselves as others do - this only happens when we see our photo. Our faces are not symmetrical, for instance my nose slants slightly to the left; in the mirror I see this as a slant to the right but in a photo it slants left. Seeing my photo, I see what appears to be an unfamiliar distortion on the vertical axis and so it looks completely off - not what I'm used to seeing each day in the mirror. Add harsh flash lighting
  10. Thanks for that info Daniel, that's really useful.
  11. I'm using Simple Foaming Cleanser, Panoxyl BP and Simple Light Moisturiser - easily got in UK. I'm on day 7 and my skin isn't flaky at all, feels a bit dry and slightly tight. Really clearing, probably the clearest it's been in many, many years!
  12. I'm likely to order in the next day or 2 - the Panoxyl I bought here is not going to last very long. I saw some other posts about customs charging when the package price went over $30 or so; which did you buy? Was it just a single bottle or a kit of 3 bottles? I'm interested so I can do the sums to see if its still worth buying the bottle or messing about with small tubes of treatment available here in the UK.
  13. I've just started Dan's regimen, I'm on day 4 and already I'm seeing an improvement in my skin - thanks Dan! I found my supplies at Morrisons, I'm using Simple Foaming Face Wash to cleanse, Panoxyl 2.5% BP and Simple Light Moisturiser. The Panoxyl isn't on the shelf, so I had to ask at the Pharmacy counter. I'm also taking a multi-vitamin and zinc supplement along with cod liver oil capsules (1 of each a day). So far, I've noticed the large angry red spots have started to shrink away and are m
  14. I just started the regimen today too - as I'm in the UK I got my supplies here but I'll order from the site later to get the bigger packs. I've already read a lot of encouraging stuff here so good on you for posting how you get on - getting some hope that my skin could improve has made me feel better already today. Good luck!