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  1. WELL i've been on and off phisohex i used cetaphil b4 and it does not clean my face properly, that is wat caused my breakouts not cleaning my face properly and im back using phisohex and it cleaned my face so much better and my face isn't as oily well i have redmarks now has anyone used phisohex and did it help fade their redmarks/hyperpigmentation because i noticed my skin to start peeling
  2. well i use an extractor but different brand i guess it works the same i use this to take out all the gunk out and its really good for taking out comodones i had a commodone pimple which i first tthought it was a wart which has been there for 5 months and after using this all the comodone came outt but the thing i hate about this it can leave a scab sometimes which takes 2 weeks to go away it annoys me arrgg
  3. i've been on dianne for 2 and a half months and it has worked fantastic for my acne and regulating my heavy periods and i have noticed my face became rounder than usual like a moon shape i want my face to become like an oval shape again like before has anyone experienced this and what did you do to maintain your weight while on dianne.
  4. Well i've been getting moderate acne in 2008 but it is kind of clearing up this year but i have noticed that my personality has dramatically changed iv'e became more anti-social, shy and kind of snobbish to people due to my pimples and red marks i became more insecure due to my skin one of my cousin said to me last year oh you have hit puberty arggg and from then on i stopped contacting and socialising with family friends, acquaintances and my mommy's workmates because i am now so self concio
  5. well i've been using it for 3-4 weeks and its working it makes my skin peel and my red marks peel off which is good and i have noticed my scars are not as deep as before but has anyone else tried it and how long did it take to see the results


    i started having redmarks about november 2008 i don't have pimples anymore but i only have red marks clumped all together at each side of my cheeks when im in public some people stare at my skin :(
  7. i know exercise is suppose to help ur skin im considering to be more active but i don't get how excerise helps ur skin coz i know that when u exercise ur skin get really sweaty and oily doesn't this make u breakout or are u suppose to wash ur face after ur exercise
  8. well its not green to start with it was yellow first then after its turns a murky yellowish green in the middle of it i think its because its tdrying up because i felt the green part its solid but the yellow is squishy like any other pimple but im making sure im not going to pop it sorry for this post i know its gross
  9. i hae a giant pastule near my mouth and nose with puss but b4 it was white then after a couple of hours it turned greenish in the middle does this mean that its drying up? will it dry up and fall of or something please help me i don't wan't to squeeze coz i know im going to get a big scar
  10. Why dont you want to wear foundation? i already have oily skin and it may give me new pimples i have i experienced it b4 but im just gonna use some powder instead it absorbs the oil and does give me new pimples
  11. just rub vaseline, castor oil or olive oil on ur eyebrows b4 u sleep it helps it to grow tried it but it may give u new pimples if ur skin is oily and wash it off in the morning and use eyeshadow or eyeliner to draw fake ones
  12. i don't drink water using cups i use the 600ml water bottles i drink about 2 to 3 bottles a day on average how much bottles do i have to drink to get rid of my acne and redmarks and how long does it take to see its affect ps i used to have moderate to severe acne that i was almost prescribe accutane but i didn't anyway i now have light to moderate acne
  13. my foread was the oiliest part of my face and my side burns were the driest and i had red marks in both areas and i noticed that my red marks in on my fore head faded faster than my sideburns cheeks now my forehead is clear except for my side burns so now im trying to keep my red marks moisturiesed even though i already have oily skin
  14. what ever kind of medicine i put on pastules it does not do anything but when i put toothpaste it does decrease dramatically in size because it dries the liquid part out it reduces mine up to 70% i wait around 20 to 30 minutes for the toothpaste to set directly on the pastule remember only put toothpaste directly on the pastule (the one with puss on it) not on ur whole face this is only a spot treatment though