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  1. Yeah. I feel tired of most of the time. When I had active pimples, I'd feel so drained. Maybe it's psychological or maybe it's not. I mean, how would our body react to bacteria invading the epidermis? Anyway, I have no active pimples now only red marks but I still feel tired most of the time. I think it's more psychological now though. I don't feel beautiful because I have unsightly marks on my skin. It drains me because I keep thinking about those red marks and about how I must look like to ot
  2. The product is overrated. I bought mine a few months ago. IT hasn't worked for me. It seems to work at first but it does nothing to prevent blackheads. Get to the source. Visit a dermatologist. They'll tell you what to do. But I admit, it's good to use it once in a while when you're in a bathtub. You know, when you're giving yourself a nice relaxing bath. The mask is refreshing. As for making your skin smoother, it basically does nothing. But still, it's good for relaxing the face.
  3. Beauty And Raw Food By Elizabeth Kiely One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your skin is by incorporating raw food into your diet. Beautiful skin starts from the inside out. People who switch to eating mostly raw food often see an improvement in their skin and look younger. Heating food above 105 degrees Fahrenheit destroys the enzymes as well as 50% of the protein and 70-90% of the vitamins and minerals. Eating cooked food overtaxes the body’s enzyme reserves. Eating more
  4. Going to a dermatologist is still the best answer. I wouldn't recommend over the counter products anymore. I've tried so many products but none of them really worked. Just go to a dermatologist and have your skin checked.
  5. Consult a dermatologist first. Some dermatologists can take out the milia and will put you on something to prevent further milia from appearing. It may sound expensive but it really isn't. You see, when you start using products and it doesn't work, you'll start seeking out other products that won't work. Then the next thing you know, you've invested on so many products that the people have recommended for you. Each person is unique. No one product works for everyone else. Believe me, I've tried
  6. Try Antioxidant pills. It's said to make you healthier.
  7. I can say that most acne kits are too harsh for my skin. I used a lot of these so-called miracle products from Glytone, to Proactiv, to Neutrogena, to Clearasil. I wasted a whole lot of money buying these things. If only I went to a competent dermatologist sooner. I wouldn't have wasted my money. I'm not saying that all Neutrogena products are bad. I use Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser. I don't exactly break out from using it. In fact, I like the product. I think that the secret is to use m
  8. I've tried over the counter products as well. What really works is a good sensible diet and going to the dermatologist. I wasted lots of money last year, trying out different acne products. If only I consulted a dermatologist sooner, it would have saved me the hassle. I used to break out a lot last year. I think I broke out because of stress. I was taking an exam. I tried out lots and lost of products and ended up with a really bad skin. Now, my skin is starting to heal but the red spots are s
  9. I used it a couple of months ago. For a while, it seemed to be working okay until the third day when I got a terrible allergic reaction to it. My face started sprouting red spots all over. I looked like I broke out with lots of pimples. The thing is, it wasn't that at all. It was allergies. Clearasil Total Control Cream is made with Salicylic acid. If you're okay with SA, then you should try it. For me SA doesn't work. It's glycolic acid that I rely on. Try GA products if you like. Alpha Hyd
  10. Benzoyl Peroxide particularly panoxyl- didn't work. It burned my skin. Glytone Acne kit- didn't do anything Proactiv- dried my skin and caused me to have cystic acne. Neutrogena Acne Kit- worked for a while but then caused me to break out Cetaphil- it worked for a while in cleansing my skin but now it doesn't clean my skin that well Neutrogen Extra Gentle Cleanser- the best cleanser. It's cheap and it's effective. What's more, it's mild. Neutrogena salicylic face wash- it's okay. MD Forte-
  11. Last year, as I was preparing for a very important exam, I broke out really bad. I had two or three ( sometimes more ) pimples every five days or so. It was terrible. The attack left my skin with nasty marks. I tried everything from Proactiv to the Neutrogena Acne kit. None of them seemed to work. Today, I only have a few nasty red marks and a zit or two every two weeks or so. I also got a facial to clear my white heads and black heads. I think that for people who suffer from mild to moderate
  12. You're right about that. BP really does kill your skin. I remember getting dark and burned spots by using BP. No, I didn't use too much of it. The skin just got so dry that it turned black and it eventually peeled but it left a nasty red mark. BP isn't for everyone. It may be touted as the best acne cure but it's not for everyone.