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  1. Has the hooga helped you with inflammation or hyperpigmentation?
  2. Hi, yes I am thinking about red light therapy. Do you have any device recommendations by chance? I am pretty sure I can’t use minoxidil because I have used that on my scalp and had a severe reaction to it. Too bad because that stuff works amazing for hair growth!
  3. Omg thank you so much for the reply! Do you by chance remember how diluted your injection was? I go in a couple of days for a consult for cortisone injection. Mine is quite visible as well.
  4. Curious if anyone has had a positive result with using Kenalog to treat Subcision lumps? I have searched this site and only seem to find bad outcomes. Either no result or atrophy. I have seen a plastic surgeon who told me to absolutely not let someone treat the lump with kenalog as he fears I will experience atrophy. On the other hand a dermatologist I consulted with wants to try a series of very diluted kenalog injections. Also wondering what Kenalog in Suspension is vs. Kenalog in Solutio
  5. Can anyone recommend a full face compression garment that exerts very little pressure? The one i have is waaaay to tight
  6. I had the Taylor liberator Subcision (that is probably more expensive than regular Subcision) I also had Genius RF total was $1700. But I only had Subcision on one cheek if you get both sides done it will be more.
  7. I had Subcision and Genius RF with Dr Khrome a little over a week ago. Too early to judge results but I will keep you posted. But of course everyone’s scars are different. I will keep you posted. There is also Dr Novack in NYC, I think he is recommended by the Dr in Australia. I have also seen Dr Rappaport in New Jersey.
  8. Anyone see the most recent pictures of Ray Liotta? Do you think he had some kind of overdone bad permanent filler? Or is it just the result of how his acne scars got worse with age? Some of his last pictures were really bad. To me it looks like he had misplaced filler of some sort around his mouth.
  9. She is very reasonable I feel. She charged half her normal rate for the Taylor liberator because I only wanted my right cheek done. When you go in for a consult it goes toward the cost of procedure. Her staff is amazing as well. I hope I have some kind of improvement, I would love to go back for other things (unrelated to scars) Are you near New York? I want to update that while I am still super red, I started using silicone scar sheets, they seem to be helping in reducing th
  10. Hi Everyone, the lumps have gone way down but unfortunately I had RF micro needling as well and I have what I think are second degree burns. They seem to have stopped weeping though. Thank god it’s only a quarter size on one cheek but it is right in the middle of my cheek like a bullseye. I am sure the hyperpigmentation will take 1-2 years to fade. I am having trouble getting into anyone local (other than a PA). I just want to get into see a Dr to make sure I am treating it correctly. And n
  11. Dr. Khrome in NY. The lumps have softened. Hoping the raised tissue around the scar settles down. It’s too early to tell as I’m still very swollen. And Thank you to everyone who responded!! It helps.
  12. Had Taylor Liberator today and I am freaking out. I already feel lumps. I am so regretting this. Not sure if lumps on same day of procedure is normal. If it is something I should be concerned about I want to make sure I get it addressed as soon as possible so I don’t end up with permanent lumps. Does anyone have any ideas?
  13. Hi Flooressence, could I ask who is doing your Subcisions? I am having trouble finding someone on the east coast of the United States.