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  1. Oops! Did I hurt your feelings? I'm guessing you look ugly in photos. Mod powers don't really scare me. All you are doing is threatening free speech.
  2. controlling your feelings means jacking it often.
  3. stop making excuses guys. if u r ugly on a picture that is unedited then chances r u r also ugly IRL.
  4. haha! oh god can no-one take a joke nowadays? you have to admit, that is kinda funny :) lol ya thats hilarious(:
  5. I don't know but when I look in the mirror I look hot and when I look at photos of myself I am still hot.
  6. You make yourself sound like a pimp. Are you really that hot or something?
  7. Don't just sit there. Change your regimen or something.
  8. I've always preferred the topical approach w/ my moderate acne.
  9. You might want to try a regimen that includes benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Benzoyl to treat the acne and salicylic acid to make the skin shed faster so it looks better and cleaner and also prevent new breakouts. I suggest you try Botchla's regimen: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/cleared-1...-BS-t11566.html
  10. People don't even care that much about other people's acne. =[
  11. Questions like these should be asked at the Singles&Dating section of Yahoo! Answers. You'll get answers easier there. Good luck!
  12. Have you even tried talking to this guy? You're assuming he cares about your acne as much as you do. Honestly, if he likes you then he likes you; your skin shouldn't even matter - let alone be a determining factor in a relationship. For all you know, he might be turned on by it. Yeah, because a lot of people get turned on by zits and massive acne cysts that are on someone's face, right? Do you realize that the main conflict here is "person vs. self" and not "person vs. person"? If you look
  13. Couldn't find the word "acne" in your post but good luck!