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  1. Every time I see this thread title I think about how the OP's going to get pregnant.
  2. Kale has too much fiber, it scratches your intestines and lets bacteria and fungus proliferate in your intestines. It has more nutrition, but what's the point of nutrition when you can't digest it. I say use it for soup stocks.
  3. It's really sad that this is constantly on the first page of threads. There's nothing holistic or healthy about denying the natural functions of your body, and in fact sex has been linked to skin health. Seriously this is worse than the colostrum thread; people who are attaining 0 long-term results cheering each other on in something pointless and stupid just because the OP claimed it worked.
  4. If you could actually make your blood alkaline diseases and bacteria would overtake your body
  5. I masturbate 3 times a day and I haven't gotten an acne blemish in 3-4 months. If your body can't handle sex, which it was made to do, then you've got other problems to worry about.
  6. You're going to backlash against your lack of calories and start binging when you're done, that's what most people do anyway.
  7. Seems incredibly bullshitty due to the Taoist reference, but I'm having immense success on a diet that speeds digestion and this is partly why.
  8. ACV is a harsh chemical, and has caused chemical burns to the throat especially in people who take the gelatin pills that get stuck to the esophagus and slowly melt. It should be diluted when applied topically. I'm glad it works for you though.
  9. Everyone goes through a phase of asking what's okay to eat and what isn't, an elimination diet or at least trying a diet and actually sticking to it would be more effective. Paleo worked for me in about a week, you can go through the motions of an elimination diet in two weeks. That's really not so long, and then at least you'll know what you can eat.
  10. I agree, I ended up clearing my skin through Paleo but I don't think faith is something you should dismiss. Hail Satan.
  11. looks like an enormous pain to clean and also big loopy spirals of potato skin don't look like or cook like pasta
  12. Yes. There was someone in the original thread that has improved their skin. I don't think it's a cure-all, but combined with diet and not in the mega doses people are taking (for whatever reason) it can be helpful. A single person in a 50+ page thread, and reading through it I see more people mentioning developing jawline acne than not, so it would be more accurate to say that the biggest thing that colostrum has done is give a few people more acne.
  13. Chicken Breast isn't significantly inflammatory, most lean meat isn't.
  14. Has there been a single person who successfully improved their skin by taking colostrum?