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  1. Thanks so much everyone! Still haven't filled out any applications or anything, but I'm going to this week. I really, really need the money, so I'm just gonna try to forget about my skin and hopefully I'll find something.
  2. This probably sounds ridiculous, but my acne is keeping me from getting a job. I'm 16 and need the money, plus my dad won't leave me alone about it. I keep putting off filling out applications. I'd never be able to go through with the interviews. And even if I did, I most likely wouldn't be hired - there's my acne plus the fact that I have zero self-confidence. Everyone says to just pretend you're confident, but I can't. Any tips on this?
  3. Hmmm... this is interesting. I have noticed that my skin looks wonderful in the morning when I first get up (providing I go to bed at my normal time) - absolutely no redness! But once I wash my face (have to, or my skin gets oily) it's back to being red and the pimples stand out more However, I normally go to bed at 9:30 but never later than 10:00, and I wake up at 5:30. So that's 7 and a half to 8 hours of sleep, and my skin is no clearer than when I would get 5 or 6 hours of sleep.
  4. First off, candida overgrowth, while it is real, is not nearly as prevalent as people believe it to be. It is actually a fairly rare condition. There is absolutely no evidence to support the claims that candida is responsible for hundreds of conditions.
  5. Hey everyone, haven't been here in a while! So, I've been getting some breakouts lately. I don't drink much water (a 16 oz bottle or less a day) and have been trying to drink 8 glasses a day. For the past few days I've been able to do it, but I feel like I'm forcing myself to drink as I'm never that thirsty. I just can't seem to drink that much! So far I haven't noticed any improvements in my skin. So, in your experience, has drinking water made any difference? TIA! (and Merry Christmas!)
  6. I have moderate acne. Everything I've tried has stopped working after a few months or more of using it. Even Dan's regimen stopped working after 3 years - my skin was almost completely clear (I've always had at least a few pimples and have never really been clear), then I broke out and after 5 more months of using the regimen, nothing changed. I've tried so many things that worked great, but after months of seeing results and not doing anything different, it's like my skin builds up a toleranc
  7. Almost all of my acne is gone, and I only have a few pimples. The problem is I have tons of red marks. I want to try using apple cider vinegar. Can I use bp and ACV at the same time? Like put ACV on, wait a little, and then put bp on? I just don't want to stop using the bp because I know my acne will come back. Thanks in advance!
  8. I have dark brown hair and black eyebrows. I've gotten it on my eyebrows tons of times and it never bleached them... *maybe* made them a tiny bit lighter but it's hard to tell. The only problem I ever have with my eyebrows is that if I get the bp on the thicker side and don't smooth it down right away, the hair gets stuck sticking up I even got it in my hair once and it didn't bleach it!
  9. I'm using the full amount of BP. I try to rub it in (gently) but it still takes at least 20 minutes to absorb. It's a pain at night trying to keep my hair out of my face for that long b/c if I pull it back it messes it up, and in the morning I have to wake up earlier to be ready on time. Does this happen to anyone else?
  10. I'm done swimming now I actually did break out Not really bad, mostly on my forehead, and it's clearing up already, but it's still annoying! Swimming made my hair dry and my skin dry too. Next year I think I'll break my leg...
  11. That's where my face gets the most dry too. I use Cetaphil moisturizer and put a little extra around my mouth, like 2 coats of it (make sure it's not so much that your face gets oily). It helps a lot, and put moisturizer on at night too.
  12. I started swimming last Monday (and had off the rest of the week! ). We had 25 minutes to get ready, but that was only enough time for me to take a shower and fix my hair. I washed my face after and put bp on when I got home and then again at night. I guess I'll keep doing that, but the chlorine in the pool makes my face red. Not really bad, but it's still annoying Is there something I can use for that?
  13. This is the first year I've had swimming in gym, so I'm not exactly sure how much time you have afterwards. I know we're going to have some time to shower and fix our hair. But it's not enough time for me to put bp on because it takes about 20 minutes to absorb, and then I have to put moisturizer on so that takes about 10 minutes. Luckily I have off for a lot of November so it'll really only be like 3 weeks of swimming. I was thinking (this is probably a stupid idea ) maybe if I put more bp o
  14. I guess that is better than nothing, but it seems like kind of a waste of it, especially because it's kinda expensive. Some time we're going to be swimming underwater so that's not really going to work. And like I said, the gel/moisturizer shows up on my face when it gets wet.
  15. I really can't put it on at lunch though b/c I would have to stay in the bathroom for like a half hour. There's no time I can while I'm in school.