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  1. Yes, I got totally clear on Accutane. I was on the clear skin regimen and on Retin A almost two years ago not "two weeks ago", and it didn't worked for me. That's what happened!
  2. "Yellowphaze" first let me start by saying that I didn't post that to "SPAM". Second, let me repeat to you again that Accutane is the best cure for Acne, if you don't believe me talk to your dermatologist and try it. Third stop being such an ignorant. Oh and unilke you, I'm not going to insult you because it's not worth it
  3. Hello everybody, I just want to say that I used to have my face full of acne and tried everything outhere, you name it I used it! Finally, my face cleared with accutane. The treatment lasted around 6 months. You have to have some patience, but it truly works!! *moderator edited out spam/advertising* And remember that everything is possible if you commit to it!! Wish the best for everybody !!!!!
  4. I started using retin a micro a couple of days ago in the evening. When did you started seeing results? Thanks!
  5. Jade! Is it Apple Cider Vinegar or Apple Cidar Vinegar? Thanks.
  6. I dont have BP gel and I am waiting for another tube to come.... I have a tube of Clearasil Ultra 10%BP. Do you think I should use this while I wait for the BP gel. Thanks.
  7. "acnekilledmylife" Do you apply a mosturizer at night?
  8. I have been in the regime for a couple of days now and I have noticed that my face goes red (burns a little) and shiny after I apply the mosturizer. Is this suppose to happen? I haven't try Eucerin though. What do you think?? I'll appreciate your answers.
  9. My doctor gave it to me also. It is called Duac Topical Gel, it has the same ingredients you wrote. I started using it today a couple of hours ago. I'll write back to you as soon as I see any changes.