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  1. yea but putting stuff on your face wont cure your acne. The best way to get acne under control or cure it. You need to cleanse your body first. Ones you cleanse your body and if your skin still breakouts then you have candida overgrowth. Ones you get candida under control then your acne will stop. Thats the only way to stop acne. Putting lotions and other crap on your face doesn't cure acne it only helps.
  2. Have anybody ever tried oral oxygen for treating candida. I came across this website about treating candida with hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade. Ive been trying to get rid of my candida for a while already. I was on a strict candida diet and i bought over 600 dollars of supplements. Five lac, three lac. I tried everything. The strict diet helped little by clearing my skin and it helped candida probably 15 percent. I got tired of eating only eggs and fish for months. I was tired of watching my
  3. Is it ok to have acne break out when you do a colon cleanse. I did a second acne free in 3 days apple fast and on the 5th day my acne got really bad. My skin is breaking out and i wasn't expecting that. That guy who wrote that book said his acne cleared up on the third day. Well i did the first apple fast last month and it cleared up my severe cystic acne and i don't get that anymore. I was getting small pimples and i wanted to try the apple fast again. So i did it second time again 5 days ago a
  4. My face started breaking out like crazy after i did one week of detox. Is that normal. For the hole week ive been dirking allot of water, working out, and eating allot of vegetables, fruits and no coffee, alcohol, junk food, and sugar. Before that my face was pretty much clear. Only small acne that you cant barely see. but after i did the detox my face started breaking out with huge red acne that you can see miles away. Why is that happening. I heard that if you do the detox and change the way y