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  1. Hello Dear, As seen in the pic,you have red spots which is vascular component of acne.To treat it either you have to apply some cream/product which contains vit K or pulse dye laser is best option to treat it quickly. Good luck NadiaRashid
  2. Hello, I have asked my doctor (Ahmad Chaudhry-Lahore Pakistan) regarding punch excision and here is his answer 1-There are two options in punch excision.One is to do punching and elevate scar and leave it like this and after one month doc see results secondly you can remove tissue and either stitch it or put grafts from any other part of body.But in this case colour and texture of skin is different little bit. He told me needle subcision is another method to treat acne scars. Good luck Nad
  3. Hello Dear, Please don't go for any sort of cut surgery if it is keloid.There are stronger chances after surgery you will have more keloid on that part.It is better you should go for intra lesional steroid injection and your scar will be resolved. Good luck NadiaRashid
  4. Hello, Milia can also be treated with Retin-A but it will take 2 months after regular application.Second option is of needle pricking. Good Luck NadiaRashid
  5. Hi Sam, He used Fractional laser by Alma Company (USA) which is FDA approved and equally good in USA and Europe.
  6. Hi, You should apply silicone sheet on this scar if it is new(within 3 months) .However if it is more then 3 moths then Er:YAG laser or CO2 laser is best to treat it.However it required two to three or even more sessions to treat it completely. This is my opinion,i am not doc and your doc decision would be final. Best of luck Nadia
  7. Hello , For this scar pulse dye laser is best as you have red marks on your face.This laser will treat both red spots and even active acne as well. Best of luck
  8. Dear, You should ask your Dermatologist or plastic surgeon or Dermato Surgeon for this technique.
  9. Hello Dear, I think you should go for collagen injection as you will get immediate results.Though this injection will last from 9 months to one year. Secondly instead of punch excision you should go for sbcision by needle.Though punch excision will also correct this condition but with needle subcision you don't need any further treatment and your skin become normal as time will pass. After puching technique there will be marks of punches and you need further laser treatment to r
  10. Hello Friends, I want to share my experience to treat acne scars with Forum.I had lot of treatment to treat my acne ,starting from creams,lotions and dermabrasion and chemical peels.At certain time my acne cured and there were consequences of acne..... acne scars. I tried a lot and read this Forum posts in details as well.Thanks to one member of this Forum who posted acne scar treatment from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry(Lahore Pakistan). First i located doctor from web and read about his