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  1. thank you and I will love to see your progress when you do post pics. theres lots of plastic surgeons, just trying to find the right one. I called a local place today and its $125 for the consultation visit. thats no good. I'm not trying to waste money. what if the place sucks?? exactly why they charge a fee. So I need to keep calling around. should not be long til I find a place. did you have to go for a consultation visit then go back to get this done?? or just go and get it done?? was ther
  2. Thanks,... Scars are looking better. I will post pics later. Good luck finding a plastic sergeon. I had no luck finding one here south TX.
  3. These 2 incision cost me $350. How far are willing travel LSU?
  4. Thanks for your quick response. I was also wondering, but forgot to ask... were you advised to keep the excisions dry? or is it okay to wash your face (gently) as usual? thanks. One doc told me it was okay to get it wet a day after surgery and another who told me to keep it dry while the stitches were still in...they both healed well, either way. I was told by the PS to go ahead and wash my face.
  5. They are going off on Tuesday of next week.
  6. Here is a pic about 48 hrs after the procedure. I am far from finished. I need some kind of resurfacing now. BTW, more stitching was used on the left scar due being very close to the fold when I smile.
  7. Woke up today with no pain whatsoever. So far I am very pleased with the results. I will post pics later when I change bandages.
  8. Ive had many punch and scalpel excisions, it was never painful afterward. Sometimes a slight tingle or pulling sensation, but never pain. Then again, everyone is different. If you still feel pain in the morning, give your doc a call. Last thing you need is an infection.. I used the ward "hurt" to loosly. It's like a tingling sensation. Like a 1 on a 1-10 pain scale. I will report tommorow morning.
  9. Both of them punched out. Anesthesia is wearing off and it's begining to hurt.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I just had punch excision done about 2 hrs ago and it was not too bad. I will post pics later.
  11. Any comments or suggestion would be appreciated. I am consdiering doing Punch Excision very soon. This is my left cheek btw.