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  1. Have had a Pilonidal cyst (huge golfball sized cyst near my tailbone/butt) for 4 days and i cant even move without extreme pain. and i thought i had gotten over my acne/cysts until now. FML
  2. Thanks for the support everyone (except those who chose to laugh), i was really freaked out (ive had cysts before but never in this region and never the size of a golfball) Talked with my parents today and set up an appointment to the doctors on monday...
  3. ouch that sounded painful , i know the feeling (well kinda) I havent touched it because it hurts so much even brushing it with my hand makes me wince!
  4. uh oh it looks like its coming to head im afraid its going to pop on its own is there any risk involving this?
  5. are you serious?????!? I absolutely cant go to a doctor until next Tuesday, should i put a bandage over it to prevent leakage?
  6. Unfortunately no still is big red and painful, and now there's a little pimple underneath that keeps oozing blood and pus everywhere. my god this is driving me insane
  7. ^^^ Its not fucking funny dude this is probably the worst pain ive ever experienced, i have to walk to and from my uni and im almost in tears by the time i get there
  8. Ive had this gigantic thing next to my asscrack for 4 days now its driving me insane!. I literally cannot sit or lie down without being in immense pain, and even walking hurts insanely. Ive started putting BP on it since last night and havent noticed a difference yet. BTW i cannot go to a doctor until next tuesday cause of my current situation. should i try and pop it?? Or continue applying BP and wait to see if it subsides? Im scared i will literally pass out from the pain if i try and pop i
  9. All i wanted for christmas day was a clear face. Now its christmas eve and im getting a painfull RED cyst on my nose. FUUUUUCKFINOIERNFSKJFSKJEFNKJNE I WANT TO SCREAM Why Why WHY
  10. So lil background, im 19 and have had moderate acne since age 11. Ive never been clear for more than a few days ever since then. Now for 2 weeks i have been the clearest i have been in a long long time, and im not sure why. Heres 2 reasons why i think i could be clear 1. I have been working 6 days a week in the hot sun, and have been sweating a lot. 2. I stopped using the Acne.org Cleanser and this Dry Skin cream i was using 2 weeks ago aswell It could also be a combination of them both,
  11. I freakin hate nose pimples, mine always go bright red and shiny so its always the worst. They usually go away in about 4-5 days at the most using a lot of BP however. Good luck
  12. Congrats on clearing up i cant wait for that day to happen Ive been 6+ months on the regime and hasnt cleared mine up yet . Still im in the process of cutting caffiene out of my diet and my acne is slowly fading, i think my acne was being mainly caused by the 2L of coke i was drinking everyday
  13. Well i sucked it up last night and went to town, although i had 1 cyst on my chin and 3 other noticable pimples. I had an awesome time and met a girl i havent seen in over 2 years at a club randomly, and we hit it off like old times. Im sure she noticed my cysts but i dont think she actually cared lol And yeah im slowly knocking out the coca cola addiction day by day, i havent had coke for about 3 days now, although ive had about 1 coffee a day it is alot better than 2 litres of caffiene and
  14. Today is the 3rd week in a row ive had to declined into going to town to go to pubs and go clubbing because of 1 or 2 huge cysts on my face. 1st weekend was one on my forehead, it was huge, i mean 3-4cm wide huge and red there was no way i was going to be seen with that. 2nd weekend was another huge one on my neck , the one on my forehead had gone away thank god but this made me very very self concious, again i didnt go out Now its my 3rd weekend in a row i have had one Cyst ruin my whole f
  15. I feel like shit today.... got a really bad breakout, my chin is like a minefield of whiteheads and have a red pimple right between my eyes so i look even worse... Couldnt even go to uni today to go to my lectures now im behind in work and feeling guilty. Its 3pm and im lying in bed in the darkness with my laptop. Jeez im a loser...