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  1. make sure to sit tight and use it for more than 3 weeks or so
  2. I've tried both BHA and AHA, and in my opinion Dan's AHA moisturizer is superior. It acts as a moisturizer while exfoliating your skin, not to mention AHA is proven to reduce wrinkles, lines, and make your skin smoother. Add a couple drops of jojoba oil into the AHA moisturizer, and you've got a very good acne fighting super moisturizer on top of BP Jojoba oil fights acne on its own also, it has a lot of uses, some of them are here: -Penetrates skin and hair follices rapidly to reduce water l
  3. are there any good moisturizer with SPF that I can easily get from stores? (non-comedogenic of course!) *the search function isn't working for me for some reason..*
  4. Then you're a very naive person, I'm afraid. If you have actually been reading the posts, forum mods had came and discussed the problems, even dan himself came in here and tried to solve the problems TOGETHER. They didn't address the issues? They couldn't find what the issues are, they didn't change the formula, and so they are trying to figure things out together with us. And you turn away just because of these not-yet-confirmed complaints? I'm not saying they don't exist, but you're not givi
  5. yeah me too i'm getting that also, that's why i feel so uncomfortable if i sweat... okay here's what happened when I apply BP: it dries after a while, but if i touch it with water and i can feel all the BP dissolve and wash off, but I thought my face is suppose to absorb it? Instead it feels like it just dries on my skin without absorbing, is that what it's supposed to do?
  6. damn so no one in canada has tried epiduo? I went on the epiduo website and it doesn't seem to be in canada yet....can anyone confirm that? thanks!
  7. hey I am wondering is Epiduo only american? Or would I be able to get it from my family doctor because I live in Canada. I'm from BC, Vancouver. Anyone that tried Epiduo from Canada? I'm really desperate > < Thanks!!
  8. Thanks for the speedy reply. I too use Dan's BP though, and it still feels as if there's a film of something on my face. And it's evident when I wash my face I could feel all the BP wash off immediately. I have no idea why then... And for AHA too, I use Dan's AHA and after putting it on and after a few more hours, I touch my face and it's still kinda sticky-ish. (I did evenly rubbed them in for some time) Is it just because my face doesn't absorb? .. damn I will try it again tonight, maybe
  9. Hi, I have a some questions regarding BP, they are not major problems but just small ones that bothers me sometimes. 1). When you guys put BP on, even after it dries, does it feel like there's this film of something still on your face? It feels like there's a film of something is covering my whole face and it feels a bit unnerving. 2). If BP leaves this film on your face, how would moisturizer or something like AHA work since you're just putting them right on top of BP? 3). According to the r
  10. yay i got lucky!! haha the package slip comment was funny XD
  11. Yup, I usually just wash my hands and face (wash my face with just water), and then pat it dry, then spread the jojoba oil around my face. I leave it for about 5 minutes to let it soak in and then splash my face with cold water a couple of times so that I dont look oily as hell Do you use dan's jojoba oil or other brands?
  12. hmm but doesn't the sal acid penetrate my skin to exfoliate them? so shouldn't it be still in my face after I rinse them off? but thanks for the reply I will try using AHA after sal acid hopefully nothing bad happens =/
  13. So the question is I have a 2% salicylic acid cleanser and also dan's AHA from acne org, can they be used together? or maybe one day with AHA and one day with Sal Acid? Thanks in advance!