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  1. I just sent this testimonial to A Serenity Skin Care. And I wanted to share this information with those who have acne issues in the SoCal area. I know how hard it is to find a professional to help you out with your clogged pores and in this day and age... It is really hard to find someone who knows what they're doing and who cares more about clearing your skin than making a buck. Not to mention, the Acne Facial is only $75.00 and if you have been to other places, you'll know that this is a reall
  2. Go to the drug store or your nearest health food store. I suggest a health food store, I went to Henry's Farmer's Market out here in California. Buy a bottle of witch hazel. I use Thayer's original witch hazel with aloe vera. Buy some cotton balls. After cleansing, apply the witch hazel all over your face. My acne has cleared in four days from this stuff. It only cost me $9.00. Do it once in the morning and before bed. It will shrink your pores, reduce redness and swelling, cool and cleanse the
  3. Hi guys, I was hoping you might be able to give me some more information on this topic. I have very mild acne and have never been on Accutane. My boyfriend on the other hand was on Accutane for three months when he was 15-years-old. He didn't complete the treatment because it gave him suicidal thoughts. He is now 28-years-old, so it has been some time since he was on the medication. I know that if a pregnant woman uses Accutane it can cause severe birth defects. My questions are: Is there a po
  4. You need to read the insert that came with your prescription. Some prescription medications (Retin-A for example) will make the skin dramatically worse before it starts to get better. You can sometimes also experience really dry skin and it can be quite painful. When I was using Retin-A I experienced a similar problem. I had bad acne, used the medicine on all areas where I broke it out and my face looked even worse. I had more breakouts and my face was so red it almost looked like I had a bad s
  5. Ah! Thank you! See I was using Mary Kay but it was very oily. I run a lot, like 3-4 times a week so I liked the tint to hide the break outs a little but loved the moisture and the SPF. I'll have to try this one out.
  6. Hey! Still struggling with mild acne and break outs. My skin is like way, way dry so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a moisturizer (like something available at CVS) that won't break the bank? As well as a tinted moisturizer? I'm just looking for something inexpensive that won't make my skin worse, if you know what I mean. Any info would be appreciated! Also, my skin isn't typically this dry. Is there some kind of mask I can do that might add more moisture to my skin? Thanks!
  7. Back in November my skin was awful. Each cheek was covered in white heads, large cysts and my pores were terribly clogged, even facials targeted towards helping with acne didn't work. I even considered Accutane. I did get one good thing out of my expensive spa visits and that was the cleanser, Is Clinical. I bought it at the time because I was desperate. It is a bit costly, like $35.00 a bottle but you can find it on eBay for cheaper. I wouldn't suggest an expensive item like this if it didn't w
  8. Hi you guys. I just wanted to let you know that its been a couple of days since I had the facial. So far so good. Some new breakouts (as to be expected after my type of facial) but, over all... the really awful areas (mostly on my cheeks) has been going down a lot. I think the manual exfoliation really helped. She said my skin was very clogged but she didn't have a problem removing everything. And to the person above me! Don't be afraid to go. It feels great and most of them know their practice
  9. So, my skin is typically mild acne, nothing I can't handle with a little make up. Lately though, my god. Inflamed pustules and cysts. It's been awful! Closed whiteheads seemed to be taking over my face. I gave up today. I called my spa and went in for an Acne Facial. It felt great. She did a Pumpkin Peel to remove a layer of dead skin and cleared out my pores with her fingers for about an hour. So she gave me this cleanser by Is Clinical and a moisturizer of their's too. HOLY EXPENSIVE but, asi
  10. Do you really think it could be the make up? It's funny because when I first started using it my skin cleared up beautifully. Now it seems the only time my skin doesn't hurt or feels like it's healing is when I have the make up on. I really hope it's not the make up because it's the one thing I can't go without, the only reason I do leave the house! I don't think it's my diet, I over all eat very healthy and I have two cups of green tea every morning before I run. I run three miles a day, EVE
  11. I've tried Retin-A, Proactiv, Dan's Regimen, Acnexus, Precription BP cleansers, BP, moisturizers, Witch Hazel toner, Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Castile Soap, Anti-biotics, Clindamycin and birth controls. Nothing works! If it works, it works for a couple of weeks then stops. I have so many white heads, they are just taking over my face. Recently I've broke out with acne all around my lips and cysts on my neck and cheeks. They hurt and I don't even want to leave the house anymore. I'm so depressed
  12. I'm really hesitant to go on Accutane. It sounds promising and all but I know a friend who used it and he says it's the worst thing he's ever done. His skin is clear now but he said it made him really depressed and suicidal. He doesn't even believe it should be sold here! And the birth defect information just scares me, especially since I have one daughter and we might be thinking about another in the future. I'm glad someone has the same acne! Well not glad of course but at least I'm not alo
  13. I gotta tell ya, it sounds promising. I feel like I've tried everything else. I don't have insurance and I also don't have a regular doctor. I moved from MA to CA not that long ago. Does anyone know how much it would run me to see a derm for Accutane?
  14. I don't know. Everyone keeps talking about it but I've read/heard a lot of scary things about Accutane. I know someone who used it and he says he wishes he didn't.