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  1. you can apply the moisturizer right over the bp, a little hint that works for me is don't over do the moisturizer, if you're really visibly dry then yeah, use it, but if not i find the bp works better used alone. as far as the whiteheads, keep cleansing and using the bp on them, hope it helps!
  2. i have very sensitive skin and have the same problem with other moisturizers burning and causing redness, i use Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion and I love it. its inexpensive, works great and you can get it at Target, Walmart, etc.
  3. my derm. told me anything that is PABA free is best for acne prone skin, good luck!
  4. just wondering if trying another derm. might be an option? i have found that the more simple and natural my regimen is, the better. also i agree diet is really important, i try to eat as "natural" as possible- i was shocked at how many foods i used to eat were loaded with chemicals, dyes and preservatives. other things to avoid for me are caffiene, alcohol and any detergeants with dye or fragrance in them. about 6-8 months ago i couldn't even look any one in the eye and avoided talking to peo
  5. I am a 29 year old female who had mild acne/breakouts throughout my teens, decreasing in my early 20's. At 28 my skin seemed to change drastically for the worse. My whole face except for my cheeks was red, oily and broken out with many white heads and blackheads. I tried many over the counter products that had seemed to help in the past but now these were making my face worse. It got to the point where I was having problems holding conversations with people because I was so humiliated by my f