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  1. I'm afraid I have no advice as to what to do now, but next time you need to wear makeup, try using a mineral foundation with no bismuth in it, such as Everyday Minerals. That's what I wear and it controls the oilies and doesn't cause any breakouts. Boy do I feel for you. Maybe look into trying an antibiotic for a short time to get it back into its dormant stage?
  2. Affaleet, how much did you take? Any side effects at all? My main concern is the initial breakout, possibility of permanent dry eyes, as I wear contacts and really don't want to go to glasses, and those headaches people get. Did you have any of those?
  3. Well, I missed my window of opportunity to get Accutane today because I decided not to go for the bloodwork. Maybe I'll re-evaluate things after the new year...I don't know. I don't need to be having side effects when I have some plans coming up. Plus I still cannot make up my fracking mind. I really could kick myself. I had the chance, but I chickened right out of it. Now I'm stuck with these little bumps possibly forever, because who knows if I could ever muster up the courage. Honestly
  4. Thanks for your reply. I tried the AHAs too, along with salicylic acid and pretty much everything OTC. Right now I'm giving Isotrex (topical isotreninoin) a go. This is the one topical I never gave a chance - just used it for a week and put it aside. I also just added supplements to my diet this week, so it's too soon to tell if those will help. I think I'd better just give it some time and see what my hormonal bloodwork says and if the supplements and Isotrex might help. All signs really
  5. I've posted here before, but here's a quick rundown of my situation: I've had moderate acne for 19 years with somewhat clear periods in there, but have never been 100% clear since my teen years. I've tried every topical, a few different birth control pills and some antibiotics. Before, I was able to live with my skin. I wasn't happy that I was always battling a few zits here and there, but for about 8 months now, it has been full-on bonkers. It just won't stop breaking out and it's a grease
  6. I've been struggling with moderate acne (mostly small bumps and blackheads) on my face, neck, chest and back for around 20 years now. Some years were better than others, but basically I haven't had clear skin for that long. Since my acne never got to the severe stage, no dermatologist would prescribe Accutane for me...until now. I saw a new derm today and I went in fully expecting to be shot down, but right away she wanted to start me on 20 mg. I told her the most I wanted to take was 10, si
  7. Thank you, both. If I even get the chance to try it, I would have to go low-dose because I have depression/anxiety, and personally I'd like to avoid major side effects. So far the depression/anxiety has prevented me from being able to even try 10 mg, but the doctor who did my Botox thinks I should be able to handle a low dose of it and recommended a couple of other dermatologists for me to try. This has been going on for years. Sometimes I wish I'd never told these doctors I have issues wit
  8. I'm going to go for a consultation with another dermatologist to see about getting low dose Accutane. I want to know approximately how much Accutane they'd prescribe for someone like me. (I know very little about how they figure out dosages.) I have extremely treatment-resistant mild to moderate acne that has gone on for close to two decades, am 5'7 and 116 lbs. My previous derm was saying 10 mg. Is that about right? Thanks!
  9. That is one thing I haven't tried because vinegar's odor makes me really nauseous, as in, I can't even tolerate it on my skin for a minute. Weird, I know. I've been using some clay masks that seem to dry it out a bit, but then they're still there. I'm also doing light therapy with a Baby Quasar that so far hasn't helped. Maybe I should try a salicylic peel again on the area and see if it dries it out more... Thanks for responding.
  10. I've had it for 19 years, and it's usually moderate, very occasionally mild. Lately it keeps flaring up over and over and nothing seems to bring it back to a reasonable state. (Hey, I'm not expecting clear skin, just skin that's a little better than this.) These pictures don't really do much justice since the pics of my chin, other cheek and forehead didn't come out very well. I'll try to take some others when I get a chance. As you can see, it's the normal papules and some whiteheads, but
  11. Moon Bunny, please, please keep coming back and updating us. I really need to hear about your experiences because I'm going through hell trying to get low-dose (10 mg) Accutane for my mild-moderate persistent acne and it's going to be two months before I can see another derm who, according to the doctor I see for Botox, tells me I'll have a good chance getting Accutane from. By following your log, I'll know what to expect, should I actually be able to try it. How long are you anticipating b
  12. It's the same for me. I am not a fan of warm weather at all, but my hatred of summer stems more from the constant need to cover myself up and deal with my self-consciousness and low self-esteem than the weather itself. I get tired of wearing mock t-neck tops to cover my neck acne, but there isn't much in the way of choice, other than scarves. The dermatologist said to me today to "pick my poison" to treat my mild-moderate acne. Well, sorry, but none of these oral medications (specifically mi
  13. Thanks Wisegurl and Siouxsie. I did make it to the appointment, but the news wasn't that great. He's willing to give me 10 mg of Accutane as long as my doctor OK's it (because of my history of depression/anxiety), but he told me that depression occurs even at the lowest levels, something I didn't know. So I'm not sure I want to even go down that road again. Depression's tough to get rid of. He's going to enter me into the FDA database and for now, gave me Solodyn, but I'm not going to bothe
  14. So why do these places want you to cut your hair? Couldn't you just tie it back? I wouldn't think hair would be a problem if you wanted to work as a checkout person at a discount place or something. I do get your irony, though. Acne forces some of us to make really hard choices and puts us in a bind way too often.
  15. I suffered from panic attacks not related to acne for years, and with the right medications, things settled down and I rarely get them anymore. Anyway, today is the dermatologist's appointment that I've waited a few months for. I wrote him a letter asking him for low-dose Accutane and was hoping to hear what he thought of that today. I woke up this morning from a sound sleep with a panic attack of all things. Shivering, shaking, upset stomach, stomach ache, legs like Jell-o, everything. I d