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  1. I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin in the morning and Dan's at night (don't really need SPF at night). The N. Healthy Skin lotion stings on most people when they just start using it-- myself included. I remember years ago, my sister had it and I slathered it all over my face, just assuming it was regular face lotion. It was horrible! My eyes were burning, lips and entire face. I decided never to use it again. However-- When I started breaking out last year, I read up on acne and treatments and deci
  2. No one deserves to have ANY acne... just cuz his seems mild doesn't mean he shouldn't be taking care of his skin. NStocks: I really recommend Dan's regimen. The way I see it, the more gentle you can be, the better. Use a gentle, oil-free, non-irritating cleanser to basically remove the daily dirt and oil from your skin. Dan's cleanser is great. I also use the Purpose bar or Cetapil gentle cleanser or bar (the bar lathers while the cleanser doesn't much) if I run out or am traveling. Then you s
  3. I got a script from my derm about 2 weeks ago for Solodyn (Dan's Regimen is awesome but my wedding is right around the corner and I wanted to be extra sure no pimples come up). The prescription paper I got with it said that a side-effect could be blue or grey tinted teeth. This is shocking to me! Personally, I'd rather have acne than blue teeth which is why I haven't started taking the pills yet. I'm wondering though-- has anyone experienced this side-effect? So strange! Thanks for any input
  4. Congratulations on the clear skin!! You know, AHA is good for skin either way. I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin with SPF 15-- which has AHA in it. I'd stay on that with a gentle cleanser such as Dan's or Purpose. Then do BP spot treatments just in case. I think Dan's Regimen is great even for people with clear skin (BP only when needed). It just screams "gentle" to me, which I believe is the way to go for our precious faces.
  5. I agree with Cupcakes-- Dan was awesome enough to give us alternative products that you can buy at any drug store. I love Dan's treatment compared to Neuterogena on the Spot but it's better than nothing.
  6. Jojoba never made me break out. I add it to my moisturizer twice a day and it's really saved my skin from drying and flakes-- seriously the drying was horrible. I would recommend it to everyone.
  7. Ideally, I'd like to use Dan's products only but I'm really glad that he told us about similar products that you can find at the store. I imagine it's helpful if there is ever a time where you run out or are somehow without your products (traveling or whatnot) and you can just run to the store to get almost the same thing-- of course with paying a little more money. Still, I'm so impressed with Dan Kern's business ethic.
  8. I used NOTS and it works great. I was planning on getting Dan's BP after my 1st tube of NOTS was finished, but I just bought 2 more NOTS because it was only $4.00 at Meijer. I'll probably get Dan's as soon as I make another order (I use his Cleanser and Jojoba oil). My skin needed to get used to the BP it for a little over a week-- it dried me out really bad. But the Jojoba oil mixed with moisturizer works wonders for the drying.
  9. No one I know has ever had any problems with pore strips. Honestly, I'd think popping them and scrubbing is far worse than pore strips. They're inexpensive enough to try. It's your choice though, just trying to lend some help.
  10. Can dermatologists properly extract those? I had a friend who had a bunch of blackheads in his ear... he'd get some injection or something by a derm to get them out.
  11. What are you doing to rid them? Do you squeeze at all? There are these paper strips that you apply to your nose. You wet your nose first then apply the strip and wait for a few minutes for it to dry completely (it'll feel really tight and hard). Then you gently and slowly pull off the strip. It kinda makes your eyes water, but it doesn't necessarily hurt. The used strip brings most of the blackheads with it. The result isn't permanent, you usually have to do it about once a week. In America, w
  12. I like my slim figure, cooking skills, my sense of humor and my naturally straight/bright smile. 123123: I've traveled a lot too. Where have you been?
  13. The two previous posters made some very good posts. I'm happy that you found the website and you can use it to let out your emotions and find people to relate with. People just don't realize how much their words can hurt-- even if they're your family (sometimes its worse from family). I'm really sorry for what you're going through and I wish you the best.
  14. What a mean girl. I hope that never happens to you again, but if it does, stand up for yourself! If I were you I would say something like, "Really? Did you just say that?" or something quicker like "F** Off!" Feel better girl!
  15. Women are concerned about their own bodies... bellies, boobs, stretch marks, hair (or none), smells, thighs, butt, cellulite. Trust me, no matter how beautiful she is, she will probably be too self-conscious about her "flaws" to be worried about yours.