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  1. Hey everyone, So i've been on accutane for the last 4 months (40-60-60-60), and just began my last month on it . I am pleased with the results so far, however there is one thing can keeps bugging me-a few tiny bumps on both sides of my face, about an inch from the nose. They've been there since the second month, and they resemble blackheads i think. They are skin-colored, but raised in the slightest/barely noticeable. Since they've been there for a few months I don't think accutane will take ca
  2. I'm beginning my 5th (last) month today, and i only have 3 or so little tiny bumps. Remember that accutane keeps working even after you're off of it, so even if you're not entirely clear at the end, just give yourself a few months past the main problem is getting red so easily, due to the skin being so sensitive
  3. yes, you would probably be put on it. Just give yourself 5 or so months on it and it'll be much better
  4. Hey all, I just finished my third month of accutane, and am pleased with the results so far; nothing active, but a whole lot of red marks on my back. I know you're not supposed to apply anything topical while on accutane, but is there anything I can take/do that will fade the marks faster? Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
  5. Just wondering, since Accutane basically kills your sebaceous glands, wouldn't it work for blackheads/non-inflamed acne? I'm just asking since Accutane is normally prescribed for harder, deeper acne. Thanks
  6. I don't know exactly what I have, but I'm seeing my dermatologist tomorrow to figure it out. My question, though, is which one takes longer/is harder to treat? Pityrosporum Folliculitis or regular bacne (somewhat cystic) Thanks!
  7. i've had some pretty bad back acne, but it seems to be calming down now with a mix of BP/H+S/AHA. However, Im noticing that there are grayish-type scars forming, im guessing from the acne SLOWLY going away . i still have active acne, but mixed in with the scars as well. my question is-should i treat both at the same time, or wait for the active acne to die down and then worry about the scars? thanks!
  8. good luck with that, i just started doxycycline about a week ago and results are SLOWLY showing...how did the doxycycline work for you, by the way?
  9. well, supposedly SA is deactivated by the BP if both are on your face at the same time. So I don't know if it would help at all, but you might want to check into that
  10. good luck, hopefully it will work out for ya
  11. I feel you man, the only thing i've been thinking about for the last 2 months has been nothing but acne...acne...acne
  12. Hey everyone, So I'm incorporating various anti-acne techniques that will complement the acne.org regimen. I would just like some feedback on what I'm doing that's good (or bad and how I can change it). The way I see fighting acne is a 2-front battle, from the INSIDE, as well as from the OUTSIDE. So it goes as follows: Morning- -Acne.org cleanser -Acne.org BP -Acne.org moisturizer -Doxycycline (one 100mg pill) -Multivitamin -Omega Oil supplement (cod liver oil) Evening- -Acne.org cleanser -sho
  13. Hi everyone, I just have a quick question about some small red bumps I have. I've been on the Regimen for about a week now, I have seen some improvement however a few days ago I felt 2 small bumps (around my nose) forming under my skin. My first reaction was to put BP on them, as to hopefully make them reside. However they now developed into 2 red bumps on my skin. They seem to be rooted deep in there, but there's nothing to pop because they aren't filled with anything, just a red bump. So my