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  1. Hi, what do you do for your acne?Do you use BP or something else?

  2. I would give up the proactiv and QUICK! I used it for years and years and still don't know why because it quit working early on but it never did anything like that to my hands. Dude! That crap is eating you alive!
  3. Here is hoping that you can resolve this soon.
  4. I have never heard of using a baby brush. Interesting concept. I use a bufpuf pretty frequently as a dermatologist recommended years ago.
  5. I love the jojoba oil with the Buzz on Acne! She recommended the JO to my friend and she loved it so well that I tried too. She used to help with bringing all that stuff out. I add a couple of drops to my cleanser and at night just a few drops on damp skin. LOVE! I was kind of concerned about using oil on my skin but found out it is really a wax. You can also read about it on this site. Lots of threads. Don't be afraid of adding it. I started with just the Cetaphil as a cleanser but have
  6. Hey, it's nice to meet you Joang! That's pretty funny. I've talked to several different people and then you never hear from them again. I completely understand. I haven't been on here forever. I love the acne.org Jojoba oil and come back to order. I never did the purging thing but I had a friend that had a couple. They left pretty quickly though but I remember at the time she was alarmed. How long did it last for you? My acne just started leaving. I guess everyone is different. Was it
  7. I would think you would leave behind fibers with the toilet paper. I have used the toilet seat covers though.
  8. Have you tried Jojoba Oil? You can buy a great one on this web site. I add a couple of drops to my cleanser and moisturizer and apply it straight to the skin. You can read about it under the product information on this site.
  9. That was my story. I was thrilled with Proactive in the first few months and then it stopped working and my face aways looked red and raw and burnt. BP is definitely something that I don't even want to try again. I really think that I would rather have the acne than the fryed skin. Buzz on Acne doesn't do that to me. It doesn't work with BP or salicylic acid for that matter. So... even though I didn't have a sudden allergy to BP, I had a reaction none the less.
  10. Joang, I use and love Buzz on Acne. It keeps my face clear and hydrated. I've been using since around the end of October. For me, it worked really quickly. Are you thinking of trying? I've talked to a couple of people on here about it and then you never hear from them again. I think it's because after you use it you have no more use for an acne forum. LOL
  11. I mix it in with my moisturizer. That's interesting that you put on before.. makes sense. I'm just getting ready to order Dan's jojoba oil. I'm about out. I would imagine it's pretty good. Any one try?
  12. Superone, You owe me for this!! I told you that I would get back with you after I found out how this stuff works! I started last Friday evening and I don't have a pimple any where! I wake up and feel my face and can't believe! Big oh honking cyst on my chin! Gone! Nothing else has ever worked for me! All you do is spray it on and let it dry! This isn't drying at all! (no BP!!!) My Mom sent me the links from her bb and they are all going crazy over this! Go to- buzzonhealth. (with
  13. Hi! I love jojoba oil! I use it all over for moisturizing. I have not tried Dan's jojoba oil...but I bet it is good. When I run out I will try his and let you know. He has a really good price for organic. Although I don't know if it has really helped my acne, I do know that it hasn't made it worse. I have been using for a couple of months so I might still improve with it. I am hopeful. I have really sensitive skin and can't use BP, so I was really hoping to get big results from it! Whe
  14. Superone, I can't use BP. My whole face swells and it ain't pretty! On one of my mothers BB they were raving about a new product called Buzz on Acne. She sent me the thread and the results they were talking about looked impressive. I was just happy to hear that it didn't contain BP. When you can't use BP, you are pretty limited. She's expecting today as they ship priority mail.. I will let you know how it works. I am really excited to try this as it seemed to work for everyone.