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  1. Hmmm, time to unleash the conceit. I like the way I look, in general. I get compliments every now and then but only from Asian women. Hopefully this demographic will change in the future. I like the way I make other people feel. The work I do is in photography, working with professional models in the Bay Area, and I've always felt one of my strong suits is working with people and making them feel comfortable about themselves. I like the way my skin has cleared up since starting the regimen.
  2. Amazing... I've also had success with the regimen but I don't have any before pics to show! i love tupac too! - Chui
  3. I think that it's easy to use too much with this gel, since we're so used to using so little with the BP. I was using too much for a little while but I've cut down on it and my face doesn't burn like Dido anymore. - Chui
  4. The gel is working much better than the BP. I think a prime reason is that the gel allows me to put more on before I feel disgusting. With the BP, I could only use about one finger full before I felt gross, and as such I suppose it was a tradeoff and I occasionally broke out. Now, I'm drinking lots of water and using the gel and my face looks great! The gel makes me LOOK FORWARD to doing the regimen, as weird as it sounds.. so I end up doing the regimen more regularly (twice a day as oppos
  5. I've gotten the gel and I just used it this morning. My face feels fantastic and the gel goes on really smooth! Compared to the Neutrogena, this is heaven. Application time is now really short and I can go swimming without looking like a clown. Yee haw! - Chui
  6. Yeah I used Bp while camping, but not too much of it. just 1/3 of what I usually wear. I applied it in secret, of course. - Chui
  7. After I upped the dosage it took me maybe four days, but I was already pretty clear before upping the dosage (I was just getting over a bad bout, so I decided to experiment.) Also I've found that for me, acne isn't triggered by foods. During my camping trip I had a ton of junk food and cheese/dairy and none of it made me break out (or the BP is doing a really good job.) The only downside with upping the dosage is it takes me longer to apply it. At some point, your skin ODs from the benzoyl pero
  8. Hey everybody, I started the regimen a few months ago and while I've had days in which I've been completely clear, I've been completely clear now for 2 weeks - which is a big accomplishment for me. Of course you can still see the remnants of acne, but it isn't bad at all; especially compared to my other friends. I'm trying to get my friends to do it, but apparently they doubt how well it works and opt for accutane, which is responsible for the death of a boy who jumped in front of a train near P
  9. Hello, I was wondering if anybody has any information about whether multivitamins affect acne or not? Are there any specific vitamins or nutrients that would make it worse? I have a jar of multivitamins that say "iodine" is one of the ingredients, but I had a suspicion that iodine exacerbated the problem so I haven't tried it yet.... but the concept of getting all of my daily vitamins in one pill - it's simply mind boggling. - Chewy34
  10. Good job Gizmo! I'm glad the regimen is doing its job for yah. Keep us updated! - Chewy34
  11. www.hotornot.com, Stacy. Enjoy! It is a fun, albeit demoralizing site.
  12. I think the problem with asking Neutrogena to make a big container is that they are making so much money off of their small containers. After all, those of us who are devoted to the regimen will probably continue to pay the high prices regardless, and they probably know that. - Chewy34
  13. It is rough, I agree. I think that I am alright looking but the acne really complicates things. For example, for the sake of experiment I put on picture up on Hot or Not that was photoshopped to remove any skin problems and scored an 8.7 out of 10. I put the same picture up with skin problems and got I think a 7.8. Huahaahahha I had to laugh. But I know that personally, it doesn't bother me when my friends have acne. Some of my friends have much worse acne than I do, and while I acknowledge that
  14. Tuesday February 11th, This is I think the first day I have been completely clear in forever! Dosage is upped to 2 fingers a night and it really helps more than a pea-sized amount now that I have gotten used to it. I apply thin layers at a time moving across my face, rather than lots at the same time in one given area. I do one finger full on my entire face, then do another finger full again over the affected area. Yahoo! - Chewy34
  15. It has been probably two months or so since I started Dan's regimen. I've upped the dosage to two fingers full. The results so far have been very good. While I am not completely cured of acne, I break out much less often than I did before and in general have a clearer face than my peers. It's funny, though - after being on Dan's regimen for a while you start freaking out about tiny breakouts that before you would have said, "Thank goodness there is only one!" Here are some links to pictures of m