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  1. well i haven not been able to updtae because my computer was broke. here is the update... apparently I had an allergic reaction to it, so they made me stop it. about two weeks into it, I started to get hives and one night my entire right hand and arm swelled up (it was huge) really bad and my hives got beat red. There was a patch on my wrist but it did not itch or anything. The most scarry part was when a vein in my palm swelled up to 5 times its size and was hard; the other veins just turned
  2. I'm such a baby and I know I deserve to be shot but right now I have no one to talk to and I can't calm down. I'm so depressed I feel numb and I know why I'm like that. Every person I have loved has left me. Even my own parents. It's probably because I'm a mutant. I've been teased since I was in elementary school, by my classmates, boyfriends, friends, I wouldn't be surprised if the damn pope would. They say I'd "be so [insert level of attractiveness here] if I just took care of... things. Like
  3. That's so terrible... it seems fishy that they didn't explain first because every derm I've been to explained everything completely and they asked if it was alright with me. How much did it cost? well take care, I hope you get better. <333
  4. I'm the opposite... I avoid seeing myself at all costs (sometimes it's just impossible though) or I get really depressed. When I pass a mirror, I do my best to look at the ground and anything else that doesn't remind myself. I even went a couple of months with putting on makeup without a mirror, and I guess I'm talented because my brutally honest friends said it looked the same as it's always been. I wish it was acceptable to wear brown paper bags over your head. Wouldn't that be great?
  5. No color makes it less notciable for me... I guess purple (because of fresh scars) red and pink are my worst colors, which happen to be my favorite.
  6. My friend has a pool in her back yard, and since no one could see except her, I actually wasn't too embarrassed that my makeup washed off... so I stayed in that damn pool at LEAST 4 hours a day 5 days out of the week (yay skin cancer )and I noticed my skin looked better, not to mention my great tan. However, when I went I didn't take a shower before hand and right when I got out I took a shower and washed my face with dove.
  7. oops.. I forgot to say good luck to everyone as well
  8. Yall are so sweet! I'm glad I've finally found a place to vent. take care everyone (and I'll keep you updated once I start)
  9. You can talk to me anytime because I'm basically always online and I know where you are coming from my aim: nirvana8458
  10. aww.... i hate when that kind of stuff happens. It really makes you feel like shit but you should try and think of it as... at least it isn't someone who you see everyday and who cares what an old stupid dentist thinks anyway? well take care
  11. Well, this is my first post and I'm pretty excited because this site is the poo! Ok, so I guess this is the part where I introduce myself. My name is Brittany and I'm a Junior in high school (I'm turning 16 September 8). I've had mild to moderate acne since 3rd grade, so needless to say, it's taken a huge toll on me emotionally. I have been seeing a dermatologist for two and a half years and finally I'm being put on Accutane due to antibiotics and creams that do not work. Acne has ruined m