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  1. Hi, Only the first pic is working, the other two links are dead...
  2. I ordered the samples after seing this thread, and it seems I am a Fair Medium (= paleass pike). I love how EDM looks on my skin!
  3. Benzoyl Peroxide - you can buy it at the acne.org store.
  4. You can buy it from Dan's online store. Or any health food store. Make sure it's organic.
  5. I use Dan's sal. acid in the morning, it works very well (I have moderate acne on my back).
  6. I used Dianette for quite a few years and it kept me 100% clear - I almost forgot about my acne! But then I developed melasma (discoloration - dark patches of skin in the face) because of the BCP. If this hadn't happened I would still be on them. If I were you I would go for it.
  7. Hyperpigmentation presents as dark spots. White spots are scars. If I were you I would use some of Dan's AHA to speed up the process of changing the outer layers of skin.
  8. Me either. I didn't find it drying either, but then I allways washed the H&S off rather than letting it sit on the skin after showering. I am seing really great and quick results with the regimen. See my signature for details.
  9. Hi tolong, You have my total sympathy, it sounds awful what you are dealing with. I have never heard about acne that smells, and the color of the pus doesn't sound like acne to me either. If you can't afford to seek medical advice right now I think you should start experimenting using methods and remedies you can find on this board. Maybe you could write to Dan or his staff as well, your case is propably unusual and therefore of considerable interest. I think the first thing you should do is st
  10. DKboy: kunne ikke lige finde dit indlæg at quote, men ift. AHA kan du selvfølgelig købe Dans, men ellers kan du prøve Mellisa's AHA-creme. Ca. 140-150 kr koster den - men du må så leve med, at lugter lidt "piget", ikke parfumeret, men sådan lidt af bær. Den har normaliseret min t-zone og holder bestanden af hudorme nede, men kan godt være lidt hård ved huden hvis du også bruger BP. Jeg putter altid fugtighedscreme på ovenpå AHA'en. Dans fugtighedscreme er fin, synes jeg, og ellers
  11. Hi guys, My dermatologist has prescribed me a new combination topical which consists of Adapalene 0.1% mixed with a 2.5% BP solution. The product has been named Epiduo and is being marketed by Galderma. I use it only at night which is the recommended frequency. Been using the product for a good 3 weeks now, and am very happy about the results. About me: 33 year old F with recurring t-zone acne and bacne, as well as chest breakouts. I guess my acne is mild to moderate (no cysts). I was on Dian
  12. Er der i øvrigt nogen der har erfaring med at bruge ACO's CLEAN Deep cleansing shower gel?
  13. Hej Sikke hyggeligt og smart med et danskerforum! Jeg kan se at det diskuteres meget hvilken cleanser der er bedst. Mine 5 cents går til vaskegelen fra Dermas Woman-serie. Den er mild og irriterer ikke unødigt, og samtidig er den billig, især når den er på tilbudshylderne i Netto!