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  1. To add to my cold showers thing, i found that if i have a hot/normal tempreture shower then switch to a really cold shower for 2-3mins before im gonna hop out really calms my redness down. I think its because the body cools down very quickly and the blood isnt so close to the top of my skin.
  2. Cold showers work a treat for me most of the time, unfortunetly its only for a little while. Also i found that when i get a really good sleep my redness is less. Ice cubes on your skin doesnt sound like a good idea to me, it would be too cold and would really irritate it as you would have to press it on.
  3. yes i definetly know what you are talking about, it is very strange. i also found that at one particular time I, my mum and my bro had a spot in the exact same place (they dont have acne though) very strange
  4. White T-shirts really make me look red and i cannot stand it i feel so self concious with them! also baby blue is out of the question!!!! i try and stick to very dark colors only. Anyone have the same feelings??
  5. hahaha! I am an angry man also!!! i discovered punk/hardcore/metal music in my early teens to vent my anger and listen to some guys who are angrier than me. hehe. my advice listen to some angry music or join a fight club like in your avatar.
  6. the pimples that you say are still there, are not raised and are only marks. There are a few raised ones but they will go down. A week is a very short time to really see any major change anyway.
  7. From my experience on a simalar course of medicines that looks about the same thing that happended to me. Its looks normal and looks like it is drying out the area. Also youve got to take into account your skin my just be getting used to the treatment. You are fine so stick with it. Good luck, it will work out. Edit: On a second look at the pic, it looks very good, it is drying out that is all.
  8. You are eating the wrong kind of diet that is all. If you are finding that fruits and vegetables are helping you then all you need to do is vary your diet a little, be adventurous. I am a vegetarian and i get along just fine and have energy to do things. Eat Soya products for all your protien needs.
  9. Ive tried it, didnt really work on the redness for me but was good in at least cleaning up my skin a little. Give it a go because my doc recommended it to me and although i did not work for me it might for you. Good Luck
  10. me too, i look at old pictures and wish so hard that i could have those days back
  11. Whats BDD? is it body dismorphia...? if it is i also think i have it. Sometimes i just stand staring at myself for ages until sometimes my face becomes a blur. But then again sometimes mirrors our my mortal enemies and i dont go near one.
  12. i fucking hate those dentist lights!!!!! everytime a dentist hands me a mirror so i can see what they have done i cannot bare to look at myself but i am too embarrassed to tell them that i dont want to look as i am sure they will know the reason why.
  13. hahahaha although saying that, i did have a few spots down 'there'. God i hope that they were spots and not something more vile!!!!