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    Tanning will make your red marks darker and last longer. I recommend spf 50 and not tanning but if you want to then go ahead! Mexico sounds great, have fun. I recommend Tan n' Tonic by Emerald Bay.
  2. Go for it! I don't see why not, it seems to me that you just need to do some real quantum thinking. Relax and let the stress go away. Experience new things, but I don't believe that smoking marijuana in a 3rd world country is the smartest thing to do.
  3. I'm sure a girl that you have developed a good healthy relationship with and decided one day, hey wanna go out? wouldn't say "NO EWWW U HAVE ACNE!", but would consider it base on what she thinks of YOU (personality and type of person you are) and not your ACNE. On the other hand if you go up to some random girl and say want to go out. I highly doubt she'll say yes with or without acne because she doesn't know YOU, it's all about what kind of girl clicks with your personality so what if you clic
  4. Learn to accept your parents for who they are and also forgive them. Hating your parents will lead you astray from the relationship that a parent son should have. I myself have a father with an iq of about my age, but I've learned to accept it. Nobody is perfect, especially parents. Hatred towards your own blood and flesh is not positive. Some parents, grew up in a very harsh environment and never learned how to love their children. I'm sure your parents care about you more then you yourself thi
  5. Same here, I use the towel for my hair and face. Doesn't cause me any problems. Even when in b-boy practices, I use a towel to wipe my sweat and use it over and over again for several hours sweating for 4-5 hours without washing my face. Then go home and shower, I don't break out because of the towel. The only time I break out from dancing is when I rub really hard with the towel or roll on my forehead on the ground. It works for some or it doesnt. Try it.
  6. uh, I remember life before acne, was so great.. never thought it was so great.. but now I think about it it was so good.. compared to now
  7. I love thursdays, because the next day is friday then i'm relieved I don't have to go to school and let people see my face.. I wish I was home-schooled
  8. Lol, we could discuss new products at lunch. Sounds pretty nice. Acne P.(Proactive) Sucks Secondary School, a dermatologist in the nurse room and the dermatologist prescribes accutane with special no side effects no harm no worries type of accutane! and we'd all be acne and red marks free.. Wouldn't that be NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE?
  9. It has no hydroquinone or any dangerous chemicals. I have Asian skin and I've been using this for a month and I don't have any different skin tones. It doesn't fade red marks immediately or make the skin white, it helps healing process of red marks. It's NATURAL bleach and everything in it is good. I leave it for 2-3 hours before washing it off then apply cetaphil lotion, then I go to sleep. I use it on all my skin and not just my red marks. Honestly I wouldn't be scared or worried, since I have
  10. It feels great on the skin and has this warm feeling. Hasn't clogged my pores at all, it's all natural and it's safe on sensitive skin.
  11. Hello! Yes, I believe you came to right place. There are many things to help your acne and red marks. You have to find what works for you, I recommend sensitive skin products such as cetaphil. Before working on your red marks, you have to stop breaking out. Look around, I'm sure you'll find something that works for you! Good luck!
  12. It's been about a month of using this almost everyday, my red marks are almost non-existent. They use to be real bad and real dark, love this cream. Hope it works for others too!
  13. I skipped history ONCE because I broke out really bad and it hurt, I lied that I had a headache and went home. Other then that I never skip because of acne, because a good education is IMPORTANT. LEARNING IS POWER!