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  1. I gotten a few PMs recently, so I thought I'd update. Almost 2 years now and Im still on the system. Since moving down to Phoenix, I feel I need less moisturizer than usual. I just dab a little here and there...after a few minutes the rest of my skin seems to catch up. My regimine hasnt changed much...I do use an exfoliator ie. Apricott Scrub once or twice a week. Feels good afterwards, but if I do it every day, skin gets a little too raw. Here is what Im doing Night: Shower - Dove moistu
  2. Took me about 2 months to see improvements...but they were excellent results. I've been on natures cure for almost 2 years...as long as I stay on top of my regimine, Im all clear. See link below for more info
  3. Easy with the BP. You dont want to over apply and cause further irritation. Spot treatment the best you can. If you are completely broken out...try to work on one area at a time. If you spread it everywhere and you are feeling dry and uncomfortable...you'll just breakout. Keep yourself moisturize to minimize the irritation. I highly recomment putting some aloe on at night. See link below for my regimine with nature's cure. Been on it for almost 2 years.
  4. Yay! Some people are having good experiences with NC like id did (see link below). Stick with it...it took me 2 months to see an improvment. I've been on it for almost 2 years now...I fear the day I cant buy it any more. I'm clear...but who knows what will happen if I get off it. Im too scared to try.
  5. Whoops - I read BP5 instead of B5. Too many hours at a computer...
  6. BP5 can work very well as long as you arent irritating your skin further. Too many people say it doesnt work because they basically dry their skin to the point of it causing irritation and breakouts follow. Use it as SPOT treatment at first. If your acne is everywhere, start in one area and see how it works. Give it 2-3 weeks before moving onto another area. MOISTURIZE your skin afterwards. Aloe is GREAT along with something like Oil of Olay or Cetaphil. Dont mean to plug my regimine, but
  7. Sorry again for the late response...I must have missed the topic reply notification. Anyway, no I didnt have an intial breakout. My acne is err WAS considered mild. I would just get 5-10 large whiteheads at a time. One would go away, and another would pop up a millimeter over. I've chatted through email with many others that have used a similar regimine to mine. Seems as though success is tied in with having mild acne. Like I said before...worked for me and MAY work for you - everyone is
  8. Hey, sorry for the LATE response. My wife and I just moved out to Arizona and it has taken quite some time to get settled. Alison got her driess at a little bridal shop in Lake Zurich, IL (her home town outside Chicago). Too funny on the other similarites...my parrents fot married in the same manner as well. Its scarey at times to see the similarities between our folks. UPDATE: Well over a year now and I am still on Nature's Cure. I now buy it in bulk from an eBay seller for about $5 a
  9. Worked for me...been on it for over a year now...see the link in my sig for details.
  10. Umm...no offense but you CANNOT blame the cream for anything. Check the ingrediants...it's pretty much the same as any other spot treatment on the shelf. It's basically just BP. Yes, it will dry you out as that is what it is supposed to do and if you do not take propper precautions you'll be overly dry and irritated. Check the link in my signature...I used a combination of Aloe and Oil of Olay ontop of the night cream and got great results. It's BP5 so you have to be very cautios with using
  11. See the link in my signature...Nature's Cure has done wonders for me. There are a few others on the board who have had positive experiences with it as well. I think we all agreed that it takes time and most of us had moderate acne. I have pictures in the link below...so you can check it out and see if you may have a similar form of acne.
  12. My diet has always been pretty good...and I definitely did not change it when I went on NC. I dont drink much soda...I am a water person. I do eat a lot of beef and chicken...but my wife cooks just about every day of the week, so I dont eat fast food but once or twice for lunch. Nevertheless, she cooks with a LOT of spice. Lots of garlic, onion, peppers. We use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for most of our cooking...so the food isnt that greasy unless it's a poor week and we cna only afford the70%
  13. Aloe does make your skin "fee"l a little tight. HOWEVER, it probably isnt your skin being tight...it's the gel hardening. I first used aloe vera on a horrific sunburn and found my skin looking like it was peeling when infact it was just the aloe gel hardening and flaking off a little bit (kind of like using too much hair spray). Answer was to use a little less aloe and rub it in a little more. For my face and neck I throw some Oil of Olay moisturizer on top of it. Aloe is a healing agent t
  14. ALOE BABY! Yeah Im a little late, but definitely give aloe a shot. I use it all over my face and neck every day. It's great for healing razor burn and popped zits Put a layer of Aloe on then some moisturizer on top....it's my savior after 8 years of super dry irritated skin.